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Sufix 131 G-Core Braided Line



Well it was some late spring fishing.  I was actually trying to target some white bass.  I really wanted to get a feel for how this line would perform.   Again it was only the 6# test listed and spooled on the Shimano Twinpower 1000D spinning reel.  The rod was the Shimano Poison Adrena 6'10" UL/M spinning rod extra fast action.  Most of the lures I used was just the 1/8th oz Kastmaster, 1/8th oz Bluefox Flash spinner, and a small 1/8th Rebel teeny popper.  


The line performed as expected like any other braids.  However more notable is how much smoother the ease of casting was.  Perhaps that may be in part with the equipment combination.  One other thing I noticed was how much more buoyant this line was.  It really floats on the surface easily.  Maybe being just a new line or perhaps just how thin the line is that resists breaking the surface water.  When hooked up with fish, it was solid and responsive.  I had unfortunately foul hooked a few carps and that really gave the equipment a full hard test run.  The line held and did not break off.  The reel was very responsive in the drag control.  The rod was just about overpowered by the larger fish but there was still a lot of user input control.  There was some minimal line dig in on the spool after pulling in those big carps.  It was easily cleared on the next cast or two, but it was present and felt on the next cast on lure flight.  When I hooked up with smaller fish of white bass, crappie, or bullheads, the whole system felt just right with very good reel drag response and rod control.  White bass tend to put up a good fight when hooked and this was perfect set up for this scenario.


The knot formation on this line is very good.  The knots looked far better than most other braids.  My knot also held and no issues of unraveling thus far.  I also did not see any signs of line wear as with most typical braids you see this on the  first day of fishing.  This is the same line I had used from ice fishing and it's still holding well.  As so far, it feels as if this line has outperform all other braids I've used for initial quality consistency.  This is a very expensive line and after this field test, I had opted to try more of it.  So as of now I have obtained some 20# and 30# test listed and will decide what to do with it in the near future.




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