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Nice Ice and Dice

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Shimano Curado BFS



Shimano Curado BFS

I had ordered two of the reels upon the day after announced release.  However due to availability I awaited delivery delays for months.  It wasn't until almost the last day of August that I finally received the reels.  By then it seemed like the whole open water season was basically over, and I was thinking ice fishing already.  So I guess it will be all for ice fishing as was my main intention for these reels.  The best thing about these reels is the shallow spool design and it fulfills the real purpose for ice fishing.

After unboxing the reels and going through the free performance checks of just turning the handle and checking spool spin, I found that both reels do not feel as refined nor as smooth as it's Curado 70 reel that was just discontinued.  The retail is comparing the BFS of $190 retail to the 70's retail of $200.  The BFS has a gear ratio of 8.2 which is the equivalent of the 70XG model.  The ones I have are the 70HG with the 7.2 gear ratio.  

The BFS is listed as a 6.2 ounce weight and does have a lightness feel to it.  I really have to compare it's weight to the old Chronarch 50Mg that weighs in at 6.0 ounces.  While the 70's were weighing in at 6.7 ounces on my scale.  The current 70 Mgl weight is listed as 6.9 ounces.  

The next best unique feature is a clicking drag that is familiar to spinning reels.  I've always wanted a to hear clicking drag sound on a low profile casting reel.  This would be the reel just to do that for me.  


I finally decided on the type of lines to spool up the reels with.  So the reels are to be spooled up with 14#  YGK G-Soul Upgrade and 10# YGK G-Soul SS112 Sinking Braid.  Being such a shallow spool I did not do my usual monoline backing.  I tied directly onto the spool with the braids.  Now the thing with braids is, that they tend to loosen the grip onto the spool when spooled directly.  However I am trying a new technique that sort of involves a similar method of Chinese finger trap line wrapping onto the spool like that from the FG knot or Albright knot method.  I always start with my loop end knot to loop the line onto the spool.  Then I did some opposing half hitch knots on each side of the spool and gotten about 4 knot wraps per side when I felt the full grip effect.  I am pretty sure this won't move if the Chinese finger trap method works.  I will note that just trying to remember to flip my half hitch knots was a challenge in itself.

Now it's just waiting to get some nice ice and then getting to deploy the Eskimo Outbreak 250XD.


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