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13 Fishing Omen Ice casting 32" Medium rod



13 Fishing Omen Ice casting 32" rod in Medium power


I perused the 13 Fishing website looking at their products a month plus ago and saw that they listed some new ice rods for this year 2021-22.  On it listed several spinning models featuring full reel seat and split grip reel seat models.  So while just down at the local sports store, I happen by chance to spot an unusual looking rod and it turns out to be a bait casting model.  


Listed key feature on the product tag:
J36T Blank
Evolve Ported Reel Seat
Portuguese 3A Full Grip Cork Handle
Evolve Stainless Steel Guides with Titanium Inserts


I did what I normally do when looking through the product.  I line them up side by side and check for consistencies or inconsistencies among the exact same model.  There are nuances and finding one that is of higher quality workmanship is sometimes the advantage of having a real physical product to examine.  I choose that one rod that was just a tad bit longer than all the rest.  The one that sticks out, in the literal sense.  I eyeballed it to be roughly 1/4 inch longer and after bringing it home and measuring it's full length to 32 3/8th inches long.  I did some quick measurements of the handle assembly and the length came to about 8 1/2 inches with the rear cork grip at 3 1/2 inches.  

I mounted onto it a Shimano Curado 70HG reel.  The locking handle nut held it down securely with just a little gap between the reel seat and nut assembly.  I threaded the line through the 4 line guides and then tip guide.  Even thought the produce feature says Titanium inserts, they look a lot like ceramics.  I gave it my typical fishermans'  rod flex check.  It feels to fall within the range of Medium power fast action.  I gave it the loaded torsion twist check and did find quite a bit of roll over of line guides, especially the two ones from the tip guide.  There is just barely line rub on the blank when all given a full load flex test.

The rubberized reel seat feels good to the touch and there is a little bit of porting to give it some bling look.  The cork is quite pitted and filled with filler.  The handle shed quite a bit of dust after removing the plastic covering, probably from the finishing sanding.  Still overall the rod is assembled with top notch quality.  Definitely looking forward to using this rod this ice season.


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