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The Equipment Endeavor Effect

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Shimano Zodias - 2020



Spinning Rods


I bought the 7' ML Fast action spinning rod at the same time I bought the baitcasting Zodias Rod.  Originally I was leaning more towards a L power rod, of which they did not produce such.  So I settled on this one as I was looking to replace a Cabela's XML 7' ML rod that fishes well but had that butt weight system that weighs it down.  The rod comes with the same 8 Fuji Alconite guides plus a SiC tip like the baitcasting models.  I did use the rod to toss a lot of light 1/8 oz. lures, to include in-line spinners, poppers, and Yo-zuri Pins Minnow of including the 2" 1/16th oz. version.  It's a good rod for the $200 price point and did everything fine.  No complaints from me, except that for spring fishing that aluminum lock nut is cold.  There is no hook keeper on this model, leaving me to either hook onto the line guides or remove lure altogether.  It was pretty much an utility rod for my intention and it did everything I needed it to do.  I have not tried any float fishing with the rod, as I seem to have been doing less and less of it within the last few years.


After getting that new 2020 Zodias updated model in a casting rod and getting won over by some cold casting backyard, I had to just pick up at least on new 2020 Zodias updated spinning model.  At first I saw the 6'9" ML model but I really was leaning towards a L power.  The limited selection there left me with the 7'6" L power moderate fast action as pretty much the only choice.  Which is acceptable, I was leaning towards a longer rod just for the casting distance leverage.  A lot of this is influenced by the casting effect and results from that new Zodias casting rod.  There are some cosmetic changes to the reel seat.  There is more EVA foam over the entire reel seat and some of it runs onto the top of the handle just opposite the reel.  The locking nut is same as the updated casting rod, it's slightly shorter but slightly larger diameter.  The frames are also changed over to the grey ones.  Instead of the more traditional frame, these have that flanged frame before the ring insert referred as Fuji K frames.

When I put my 1000 sized reel on and line check, what I found was that there was a slight negative line angle on the top side of the rotor to the stripper line guide.  Typically the line is straight, but I checked with a larger reel just to see if it's the same effect.  Used a 2500 sized reel and saw that the line still touches the the ring on the top of the rotor and all around the ring on the full rotor movement.  Hmmm...what does this mean?  How does this benefit or affect the overall performance.  Well I have to wait a see how on the water performance will do in a few months.

And looking at the rod and noticing this "Attention" label and two symbols on it.  I couldn't make out what they heck the symbols were as they were kind of small.  At first I thought maybe just a warning so people don't grab the rod high on the blank and then breaking their rods.  Nah that couldn't be it.  Maybe the aluminum lock nut might pinch their fingers or get stuck on the blank and leveraging will break the rod.  Then finally I always think fishing rod, lightning, oh yeah.  Don't go fishing while there's lightning and watch out for overhead power wires.  D'uh.

I had also looked at several other rods in likeness to include Phenix Feather and Diawa Kage rods.


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