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does anyone have any advice on some good spots to fish for northerns from shore? thanks

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I was at the Crow river today at Lake Calhoun. Thre are a lot of northerns in there. It might be pretty busy though. Good luck...

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Yes, as long as they do not have a motor. and I do not know for sure if you are supposed to go all the way to Green because of the sanctuary. I have been up there a couple of times . We just stop at the sanctuary sign that is in the water and turn around.

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sheephead 24 ,Games lake or nest lake Inlets or outlets,full of northerns and if you put on waders at games and walk down,its not deep you see walleye.

At nest inlet go past the bass up creek from bridge [Northwest inlet and walleyes start to show in their as well as northern.

Had to quit fishing both these for pannies as large fish have moved in and you just cannot keep them off line.

Should be one of better openers in years.

Also if you travel to Sakariason Lake,Swift -Kandi line road ,about 3 miles south of Suburg Supper club,ask Bootsie I did 9 Nortern in 9 casts opener afternoon 2 years ago.It was so windy we didnt put our boats in,tryed sloughs and backwaters everywhere,this spot was really good.

Also West Norway lake in waders with raps etc. is very good just troddin along .but this has been mostly for walleye before sunup.

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I looked on a map, I didnt see sakariason lake, but I saw Sunburg and West Sunburg lake on the county line 2 or 3 miles south of Sunburg, is this the same lake you are talking about? thanks

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sheephead24,I think east and west are the ones on tar,this lake is on both sides of gravel west of those two and I think that there is one more west before Monson.

So many locals call this one Sakariason,a freind has a hunting trailer out on it.

You can also put small to medium boats on it through season.

Just go 2 to 3 miles south from that supper club and I am sure you will find it.

we are going to try it Saturday afternoon about 3:00.

Good luck

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I would try foot and willmar lake anywhere you have moving water. the northern population is pretty good out there with a chance of getting a monster.

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    • Brianf.
      As crazy as that might sound, May 18th isn’t a bad guess.  We were on the lake yesterday and had somewhere around 30” of solid ice with some snow on top.  This is hard January-type ice.  No honeycombing, no chipping or slush.  In fact, my Dewalt hammer drill couldn’t take it.  It’s dead.   Another foot of snow on the way this week?  That won’t help. 
    • knoppers
      depends on the lake, vermillion may 18th
    • CigarGuy
      Try the area where Minnehaha Falls runs into the river up to the ford dam. I've just used jig and fathead. Been several years since I've fished down there, but saw a lot of people shore fishing there. Pretty snaggy down there.
    • leech~~
      Never tried it down there, sounds like fun. Let us know how you did.  👍
    • JerkinLips
      Entries sure rolled in when I offered the case of beer.  We could meet at my Stuntz Bay boathouse if that would work.  Close to the landing, could anchor in front of the boathouse, or could park your vehicle at by the boathouse.  Maybe we could require the winner to be present, LOL.  
    • Oldehulse06
      Thinking about trying pool 2 (from shore) for the first time tomorrow morning, ideally looking for walleye. Anyone know any decent spots or what kind of baits I should use?   Thanks in advance
    • Raven77
      I know the owner.  In fact we rode snowmobiles together a couple days after the fire.  He lost most of his belongings.  Sounds like it was electrical.  
    • SkunkedAgain
      Supply chain issues....
    • CigarGuy
      I drove by the spot I thought it was on the snowmobile and couldn't find it.
    • MikeG3Boat
      you guys have the address of the place that burned down?  
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