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Tanning on the Zumbro Report – 4/29/07 (2 pics)

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I had the opportunity to take my wife and RugbyGuys’ wife out on the boat this Sunday. They had big plans on catching a few rays, conversing, and relaxing. I was going to fish and it was my job to keep them in the sun and out of the wind & waves (like I could control that).

I pulled up and anchored into our second spot and hit a fish on the first cast. Then another on the 2nd. I was on crappies. I went on catch fish after fish for about 30 minutes, when I looked over and saw Andy’s wife reaching for her rod and asking if it was rigged correctly. About 1 minute after her bobber got wet, it sunk. FISH-ON. As I was taking her fish off, my wife grabs my rod and casts out. FISH-ON. This continued for nearly 45 minutes and I was running between the 2 girls taking fish off, and making sure our boat was positioned correctly. I’m positive the girls put 25 crappies in the boat and they both smiled and laughed the entire time. My wife may never admit it, but I know she had fun fishing that day.

All in all, we boated somewhere around 60 crappies and 1 gill. The fish ran on the smaller side with our largest going just under 11” Maybe 10 fish were over 10” Not too bad for fishing the middle of the day when the sun is the strongest.

Culprit paddletails with blue/purple/chart colors did best for us today (and I tried several colors). I also caught several crappies freelining a 1/16 oz jig with a white Berkley Gulp Minnow Grub 2”

It was a great day to be on the water and yes, a tan was attained. Given the company, this is my favorite outing of the season so far.

Look at those smiles!


Just under 11”



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Who's the girl in the third picture? Meooooow!

Tyler, you did it wrong. The first time you take the girl out, you make it a horrible time. That way she nevers asks you again if she can tag along with you and your buddy's.

Glad you had fun. Alex and I got out to the lake around 5:00 and everyone that was coming off was fried (I'm sure like you 3 were). We had a good time, caught a few fish, but the wind with terrible. It finally died down around 6:30 and made for a good evening, even though we got off the fish.

Too bad we couldn't catch you out there. Next time.

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We did a little fishing Sunday late afternoon also. We hit big numbers on sunken wood with a few big ones. All were released.


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You need to teach the laddies to hold the fish so they look like 17 inchers! smile.gif

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WoW, Holy moly. The ones in that picture look upwards of 17" cool.gif

They certainly look nicer that the ones we are holding and they prob are. I couldn't find any nice fish on Sunday, so I'm glad somebody did.

I'll add "the hold" to the long list of things I need to teach my wife about fishing. If she wouldn't practice "selective listening" so often it would make my life much easier. blush.gif

Anyways, Nice fish.

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