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Favorite; Least Favorite

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Favorite Team: Colts

Least Favorite: Eagles

Favorite Player: L.T. baby!!!

Least Favorite: Micheal Bennett

Favorite Coach: Tony Dungy

Least Favorite: (that clown, from the Ginats...arrgghhh)

Favorite Receiver: Randy Moss & "Ocho Cinco"

Least Favorite: Todd Pinkston???

Favorite Viking: Darren Sharper

Least Favorite: Brad Childress

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Favorite Team: Vikings

Least Favorite: Packers

Favorite Player: P. manning

Least Favorite: Owens

Favorite Coach: Bill Walsh, Current Coach: Billeck?

Least Favorite: Who ever is coaching the Packers

Favorite Receiver: Hines Ward Marvin Harrison

Least Favorite: Randy Moss AKA "I'll Play When I Want"

Favorite Viking: Hutchinson

Least Favorite: Troy Williamson

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Favorite team: Vikes

Least favorite: Oakland Raiders

Favorite player: Offense- Tom Brady Defense- Brian Urlacher

Least favorite: Offense- Joey Harrington Defense-Fred smoot

Favorite coach: Dungy or Lovie

Least favorite: Chili Or Denny

Favorite receiver: Larry Fitzgerald

Least favorite: Troy Williamson

Favorite Viking: Antoine Winfield

Least favorite: Jim Kleinsasser

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favorite team: vikings

least favorite: cowboys

favorite player:tom brady ( walter payton)

least favorite: terrell owens aka: TO

favorite coach: tony dungy

least favorite: brad ( no offense) childress

favorite receiver:tory holt

least favorite: T.O.

favorite viking: matt birk

least favorite:bradley childress

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favorite team: Skoll Viks

least favorite: da bears

favorite player: L.T. he is a class act Bo(Knows)Jackson

least fovorite: Jeremy Shockey

favorite coach: Dungy

least favorite: Brad Chilly

favorite reciever: Chris Carter loved sideline catches

least favorite: Toss up T.O. or puff puff OH COP!!

favorite vik: All of the cheerleaders

least favorite: Chilly

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Fav team: Vike of coures

Least Fav: Packers

Fav player: Steve Young

Least Fav: Terell Owen

Fav coach: Cowher

Least Fav: Gruden

Fav reciever: Moss

Least Fav: T.O.

Fav Vike: John Randle

Least Fav: Mike Tice

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Least Fav. packers

Fav. Purple People eaters

Least Fav . ANY PACKER - cept Sharper ,

Fav . Bud

Least Fav. Lombardi , Schramm


Least Fav. I play when I want to Randy Moss

Fav. Randle , Chris Walsh

Least Fav. Jim McMahon

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Favorite Team: The Vikes!!

Least Favorite: Patriots

Favorite Player: Reggie Bush

Least Favorite: Terrel Owens

Favorite Coach: Tony Dungy

Least Favorite: Dennis Green

Favorite Receiver: Randy Moss

Least Favorite: Terrel Owens

Favorite Viking: Darren Sharper

Least Favorite: Troy Williamson

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Favorite Team: Pack

Least Favorite: Bears

Favorite Player: Aaron Kampman

Least Favorite: T.O.

Favorite Coach: Mike Holmgren

Least Favorite: Mike Tice

Favorite Receiver: Donald Driver

Least Favorite: Again, TO

Favorite Viking: Matt Birk

Least Favorite: Pat Williams

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Favorite Team: Vikes

Least Favorite: Pack

Favorite Player: Pat Williams

Least Favorite: T.O.

Favorite Coach: Dungy

Least Favorite: Denny Green

Favorite Receiver: Marvin Harrison

Least Favorite: TO

Favorite Viking: Pat Williams

Least Favorite: Fred Smoot

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • delcecchi
      Just for fiun I went to wunderground.com and looked at the weekly averages for 2014, 2016, and 2018 starting the beginning of march.  2014--May 13 ice out 5  25 20 14 29 38 29 39 39 44 44 56 2016-April 25 17 38 34 30 34 25 43 47 41 52 46 49 60 2018-??? 21 24 24 26 17 26 33.... Looks like we are behind 2014 with respect to getting average temp above 32 if that is significant, although the weeks don't line up exactly and we are way behind 2016 .        
    • monstermoose78
      I am so glad I got to fish with Icehawk and bass thumb. It was great times and I look forward to fishing with you all soon. Fishing with Eyeguy always keeps you on your toes and it’s always fun. Rick G I learned a lot by watching you work your magic on the gills. See you all soon. Thank you everyone for letting me hangout andfish with you all. 
    • CigarGuy
      Just talked to my neighbor up at the lake and he said one of SunkedAgain's neighbors in Black Bay couldn't get to his place going across the Partridge River-he said he almost broke thru the ice!!  I'm down a ways toward Wakemup from the narrow part going into the bay, but we had over 30" last wknd.  Looking good for some open water to fish down my way by the opener!
    • delcecchi
      Pepin is natural feature of Mississippi, not man made.   Seems the Chippawa dumps a lot of sand in that causes the mississippi to back up, forming lake pepin.  But the ice going out on pepin is probably due to runoff starting and raising the river level and flow as much as anything.    If I were to compare stuff I would look at average temp for Virginia in march and april of those late ice years compared to this year.  Throw in May for good measure.
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      I can not remember the starting dates on those years but Brent would know! Cliff
    • delcecchi
      Like they say down in Loosiana, you pinch tail and suck the head.   And when they eat them, looks like they dump a bucket full on some newspaper on a picnic table and have at them.    But they still hadn't made it all the way west as of last summer, and I figure getting stopped with a cooler full of rusties heading home from the east wouldn't look good on my permanent record.... One of these years though.   I hear they are west of oak narrows now.
    • delcecchi
      Yes, had it on wife's iphone when that was the only smartphone in the family.   I think I would have to have one of the huge phablets to be able to see anything but I am old and don't see that well anymore, when it comes to fine detail.   But good you mentioned it since I had forgotten about it. 
    • Big Red Lodge
      some of the lake access areas might be interesting to navigate thru ad DNR is prepping the public landings
    • Big Red Lodge
      That is a hearty fish.  I guess that is the benefit of the late winter
    • Big Red Lodge
      Good to know.  Thanks for the update