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Wow!!! What a lake!

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Hey all, I just thought I'd leave a quick post about last Friday and Sat:

It dawned on my buddy and I that we would be unable to fish Lake Sakakawea this past weekend and so our backup plan was to fish Mille Lacs instead. We have never fished there before. We got there this past Friday morining and fished the Anderson Reef and the Spirit Island Reef a littel bit. On Saturday, we drove 8 miles out from the West Shore to a small Flat. It was whiteout conditions but we made it.

The first day on Anderson's and Spirit, we managed a 19 1/2 incher and a 16 incher both on a gold Angel Eye. These came towards dusk. We also managed some real nice perch in the day on set lines and fatheads. And, at about 6:30, I hooked into a about a 28 plus incher and he spit the hook at the hole. He got perpendicular to the bottom of the hole and from what we could see, the body of the fish that we were able to see was about 1/3 of his whole length (the hole we were in was 10 inches in diameter!) This was in 24 ft on top of Anderson's reef. We met a real nice guy by that reef as well and he said they caught a 28 incher two nights before that and a 27 the night before that - It seems like this reef is a monster holder!

The second day, we were out by this small Flat and caught 2 25 inchers : One on an angle eye, the other on a set line with a shiner (they eyes by far like the shinewrs better on the setlines from what we could see. We tipped the Gold Angle Eyes ALWAYS with fathead minnow heads.). My buddya nd I also both hooked on to two more 25 plus inchers that we lost halfway up the hole. We could see them swimming around 20 ft. down before we lost them. What a clear lake! We were in 32 ft of water when we caught those. By about 3:30 Pm that day, we moved up onto the structure (the north most structure if you are right smack in the middle of the Flat). We managed one small 13 incher and a bunch of dinks up on the structure.

The key by far is that you need to be in the 30 ft areas (off the tops of the reefs and areas of structure and right on the edges of them in 30 + ft of water) in the day with high light conditions and you have to be on top of the reefs and structure in the low light and dark conditions. This is a must and don't let anybody tell you differently.

One last thing, what a friendly bunch of people that are around those areas! The bait shop owners were real nice and the people fishing around us were so nice. It was refreshing especially with us being first timers to the lake. I am used to fishing Devils Lake in ND and the locals there would just as soon you fall through the ice before you set up and fish by them (much less drive into their town and fish on the lake even!). What a great time we had! This could turn into my favorite lake to fish! Good Luck to all!

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Deitz Dittrich

Glad you had a good time over here...to bad the big one got away!

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Bison9, Sure is nice hearing good news on your fishing and thanks for all the great information you provided. We were just up there and didnt have that good of luck. It is nice to see true icefisherman and knowing how to catch them big walleyes. I will agree everyone we met were kind and and generous with there knowledge of the lake. I truly look forward to many more trips to the big pond.

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Sounds like yall had a very good time. Congrats on the nice fish. The fish have been slowley but shurly picking up out in them areas. Im going to devils lk in a few weeks I hope i do well as u did here.

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    • smurfy
      nice mounts!!!!! pick them up at a garage sale??????????????    
    • Chill62
      Way to go.  We got into them this weekend also but wow was travel difficult in spots.  We drove wheelers out onto two lakes and took an hour to get off of one lake.
    • Stephen L Johnston Jr.
    • jesusexposito_
      We all can use this SHOP to buy the covers. I think it's the best offer.
    • smurfy
      nope....havent been there in a long while, and when i did i did the sneek!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know thats your turf!!!!!!!!!!
    • CLPDB
      Fished out of Morris Pt 1/2 day Friday and all of Sat. and it was bad.  5 of us kept a total of 5 fish.  Fished in 32 ft Fri, 28 ft Sat and 21 ft. at sunset.  Marked a lot but I'm pretty sure they were little ones or tullibee.  Access was pretty beat up when we left Sat. night.  Got checked by DNR and they said everyone that they checked had the same results as us.  
    • leech~~
      Mike has been in the business for more then 30 years and also use to teach it up at Pine City Voc Tech.  He does it all.  The crappie and a few others he did for me. Lighting not the best. Tell him Steve A, from Brooklyn Center sent you. May be he will give you a $1 off! 😄  
    • jwilli7122
      Any guesses on when the forks will break loose?
    • gunner55
      Yeah north side of Co Rd 35 close to the road(Co Rd 176 (?))  that comes back south from the church. You must've caused quite a ruckus down  there as I see they're still lookin for ya as the poster is back up.
    • SkunkedAgain
      I've read about the mail boat in the past, and it sounds like a great operation.   My water-access neighbors just had a PO Box in town and would pick up their mail on a semi-regular basis. At my estimate, 95% of mail that arrives is junk so you probably aren't missing much by picking it up once per week.