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Food PLots??


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Hey guys I got a few questions I hope you could help me out with. We have 40acres in west central MN were we want to try some food plants on but we have never done them before. So I was wondering what kind of plot has worked for you guys and when the best time to plant is. We have a buddy that has all the equipment so just need some advice as to what has worked for you. Thanks

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Before anyone can point you in the right direction, we will need a little more information.

1. What anamals do you intend to feed?

A. Deer

B. Turkey

C. Phasant

2. Do you want to provide food for

A. Spring and summer growing.

B. Fall hunting

C. Winter supplement

3. Do you want plant every year?

a. Annuals - plant every year

b. perennuals - usually lasts 3-6 years

4. How big is each plot?

By the way you will have a blast planting and watching the results so don't put it off.

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1. Deer

2. Spring and Summer,but want them to use it in the fall too. hoping to get a crack at a big one I missed last year "Buck Fever" grin.gif

3. Plant every year

4. 2.5 and 1 acre


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I assume the area around you has ample farm fields with clover and alpha. With this in mind and you want to hunt the area for deer, I would suggest planting rye grass some time in early to mid august. This will not take the place of summer or winter feed but I'm guessing summer food is not an issue where you live. It will however provide two distinct advantages for you. Number one is it will be a unique food source that drives deer nuts. They will flock to the field in the fall because no one else has this crop. Secondly, it greens up very early in spring, (almost like you lawn) and the deer will lay in it waiting for the shoots to poke up.

Fall seeding for pasture

Generally, fall rye is seeded August 1 - 15 for good fall grazing. This window for seeding allows the crop to become established, so it can provide quality pasture well into the fall. Few forage crops can match the quality and production of fall rye in the fall. Avoid grazing so heavily that the ground is left bare; overgrazing will affect the next year's production and winter survival and may lead to erosion.

Fall seeded fall rye provides earlier spring grazing than other annual and most perennial pastures. Fall rye works well in pasture rotations for early grazing, until perennial pastures have enough top growth to graze. Fall rye is the most dependable winter cereal for winter survival. The key to spring grazing is to graze early and graze hard to prevent the fall rye from producing stems and seed.

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      Water Levels I believe are now at a record high with all the rain last week, and more fell last night.  I hope it stops raining soon for all the people who have businesses and live in the area.  Water can do so much damage.
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