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Finaly got some pics ready to view (Deer pics)


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Sorry guys i'm inneed of a new puter but heres a start on what i scanned so far.

1st pic is Dec 31st 3:18pm last chance bow hunting.You'll see 2 deer in the background both are impressive bucks.You have to look close for the antler outline.In the middle you'll notice a coyote that we figured messed us up at geting either 1 of these 2 big boys.This pic was almost a half mile away from my deer stand

Once the coyote left these 2 big boys headed are way.

1st bucks a main frame 8 pointer with a kicker over 24" spread the 2nd bucks a 14 non typical over 24" high with about a 18" spread


2nd pic is the 8 pointer.Both bucks came to my stand while the other 3 guys all 60 yards apart had to sit and watch.

Sorry guys thats deer hunting.

Anyways the 8 pointer stoped about 12 yards from me the 14 was about 20 yards both standing broadside so i had to make a hard choice what 1 to shoot at.The 14 was by far going to score much higher i would guess around 180" mark while i figured the 8 was close to 160".

I chose the 8 figured i would never shoot 1 this big as an 8 the rest of my life.As i drew back the 8 turned looking back at the 14 givin me a perfect shot but i hit a lil far back but that angle gave me a good lung shot on the oppisite side he ran about 70 yards under my stand out in the field and fell over dead.

The 14 ran with him then stood out in the field until dark once we got off are stands we could hear him stop his feet at us all the way over to the 8 pointer


3rd pics the same buck as pic 2 that nite after we caped him out got him ready to butcher up


4th picture are a couple bucks we took once the ok was givin by the rest of are party to fill there buck tags.Small buck was shot sometime during the gun season in the rear end so we took him out.Other buck was shot off the same stand i shot the big 8 out of


5th pics the same 8 in the last pic


Last pic i have scanned so far is a group photo of 5 outa the 8 bucks i shot in a tri state area.The buck to my right as i'm sitting there in pic is a twin to another buck my brother shot a day before i took that 1.Both had 2 kickers 1 on each side pointing inward off the main frame mine were only 3-4" long while my brothers buck had 9-10"kickers in the same place my bucks kickers were located


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WOW! Looks like you had one hell of a deer season! Must have a lot of good bucks where you hunt. Very nice deer!

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This was my year dag thats for sure.Areas i hunt offer good bucks but we try to pass on anything under 120.I bring a couple young hunters along that i let make the call now that they have shot a few deer i try to encourage them to make that next step let the smaller ones go for another year

I do lots of home work thats the key and it also helps next years hunting when rappinjack comes along.

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This was your year you missed big boy and he only had 3 legs

I'm headed that way in the morning to look for sheds off of him.I'll let ya know if theres any sign of him.I highly doubt he made the winter on 3 legs with all those yotes.

Maybe sunday if your not busy we could go back i need to pull those 2 stands off the river they sold that 40.

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1st bucks a main frame 8 pointer with a kicker over 24" spread the 2nd bucks a 14 non typical over 24" high with about a 18" spread

If you look at the rack from another photo or in person that 9th point is a kicker.Looks like the main frame but it's actualy not.It's more like a drop tine.It starts growing bone just after G3 downward but ends up turning and making it look more like the main frame.I dont know a whole lot about deer antlers but i think 8 point with a kicker is how they score that 1.Maybe not i dunno.Correct me if i'm wrong .I sure do like the net score as an 8 better then as a 9

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Some dandy bucks!

You mention you like the score better being a 8 then a 9.

Reminds me of a friendly arugument I have with a buddy. We both have a buck that scores 140 each. Difference is mine is a 10 pter and his is a 8 pter. So he always has to tell me his 8 pter is bigger then my ten. Of course i believe my 10 is bigger grin.gif

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I agree with you on that call grizzald. In my area that could very likely be the biggest buck for 2-3-4 parties combined. I try to pass on the small ones, but most still get shot. There's just too much pressure & too small of properties, plenty of deer, but most with horns get drilled.

I bow & gun hunted a ton this year & didn't see one that nice myself. I saw a lot of deer & a lot of bucks, but all small.

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ok people

For those of you counting 9 you do see 9 like i said an 8 with a kicker so that does mean a 9 point but when scoring the racks i took the PY score as an 8 pointer.You have that option but you lose the 9th point as a deduction.

Same thing when guys have racks with 17 points with 7 nice tines on each side and 2 stickin out the back.It might score better as a typical or it might score better as a non typical.You get to choose how you want it to be scored as a 14 with 2 kickers take the deductions.

Reason i took it as an 8 was it's the 3rd largest 8 taken in Minnesota with a bow

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I think it's a BIG 6 with 3 kickers.

You can call it what you like, it's your deer (and a nice one at that ) but it's a freekin "NINE" !!

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I would die to see 5 deer in an entire season of that caliber or even close, much less harvest 5 of them personally!!!!!! And you didnt even post the pic of the big guy you got! Yowzer.

Jealousy is rearing its big ugly head.

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I'm glad everyone else thinks it's a 9 i'm still saying it's an 8 with a kicker


Well BLB if you ever get down this way late season and want some hot action last couple weeks of Dec send me mail.I'm sure rappinjack would give up a stand or 2 being all the deer around those stands will be educated from arrows fly'n over/under/behind them by that time of year.

Also BLB couple questions for ya.I have a video deer hunt thats about a minute long me shooting a high 150 class buck 1 thats not shown above anyway you can get the footage on here like the fish'n videos?? Awsum clip everyone around town watched it several times

I'm headed to the big pond early friday morning let me know i could send the clip/pics on my way outa town

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Who cares if it's a 8 or a 9, score it they way you want...big deal! But enough of that nonsense. Those are some beautiful bucks sir. Gets me pumped for this bow season, hope I have a chance at a beast like that!

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Nice deer!!!! I'd like to get a shot at one like that just once in my life with my bow!!

Thinking back, the only time in my life I've even seen bucks that big has been when I've jumped them pheasant hunting. The one was a 14 point that my neighbor shot the same year. Never did see the other ones again.

Nice deer! Who cares if its a 8 or 9 point????!!!!!!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • redlabguy
      Mark, Glad your crew had another great outing. It’s always good to read your reports. Just wish there were more of them like the old days. Sorry you hit the storm. One of the worst in our 14 years. We’ll be dealing with dock issues for a long time but nothing like the good folks in Cook have.  The fishing has come around a little since the storm. Definitely nightcrawler now. I don’t get far out of Frazer but the reefs are where the action is. Looking forward to hearing from you in September.  My best to you and Linda, RLG p.s. Our good old red lab, Ole, cashed it in last summer, but we have a 6 month old lab now who is learning the ropes up here (and teaching us we’re older than we think we are!)
    • Mike89
    • leech~~
      No can see?  
    • smurfy
      yeppers......nuttin more aggravating the boat motor issues!!!!!!!   what was the problem the first time???????
    • Hookmaster
      Nice fish Kettle. Hope it's really "fixed" next time.
    • Rivergroup
      Our group will be returning in September as well. Wish we were able to be there now to lend a hand.
    • smurfy
      dang...tough to hear..........hope the good people up there recover soon!!!!!!!!!
    • MarkB
      We just returned this afternoon from 6 days on Vermilion. We arrived Saturday and enjoyed 3 fantastic days of walleye fishing. My cousin, our friend Greg, and myself fished several of our spring spots and found fish on all of them. Water temperatures were pretty much 65-67 degrees everywhere we fished. The wind was variable and made boat control a challenge at times. Bait was not an issue and we had success on crawlers(Tim), leeches(Greg), and minnows(me). If I had to pick one of those as catching the most fish, it would be crawlers. Our best day totalled 48 walleyes, 4 smallmouth, and 2 big JUMBOS. We ended up with over a hundred walleyes, 12 jumbos 11"-13", and 10 smallmouth to 18". Our biggest walleye was 24.5" and the balance went from 13"-22". There are lots of 14"-16" walleyes this year which are perfect eaters. The mayfly hatch was in full bloom in some areas but we found very few mayflies in the water column over rock reefs. We caught our fish in depths ranging from 10' to 32'. I didn't fish in any area where I could see mayflies top to bottom in the water column. Slow trolling in the .3mph to .6mph worked and we caught nothing using slip bobbers. Terminal tackle was a 3'-4' 10# flurocarbon leader, 2 lime colored beads, and a plain #6 Gamakatsu walleye hook . Snags are always an issue when fishing in and around the rocks and when the fish are biting they are acceptable. NOW, for the bad news.......Tuesday was a day I won't soon forget. The area suffered devastating torrential rainfall. Lightning was non-stop for several hours and when things settled down, flood damage was everywhere. We checked our rain guage on the side of the cabin and we got 7 3/4 " in a little over 4 hours! Breezy Point road washed out, Mud Creek road washed out as did several others in the area. Cooke business area was completely covered with flood water. I would consider it a disaster area and should be declared as such. We couldn't find a dock anywhere that wasn't covered with water. People were stranded behind flood covered and washed out roads. Dock decking, limbs and such were floating everywhere in the big water. My group sends our prayers to the people of that beautiful country that lost their businesses, homes, and suffered damage to their lake properties. The people of that north country are resilient and we have confidence that they will recover. We stayed our final 3 days but didn't fish at all Tuesday. Our last 2 days showed the effects of the storm. Water temps dropped to 64 degrees and our premo fishing became 10 walleye days. We did manage to catch a dozen really nice jumbos. We plan on returning in September and we pray the area will have returned to normal by then. I haven't figured out how to transfer photos from my phone to my computer yet so no pictures at this time. Good Fishing and God be with you. MarkB
    • SkunkedAgain
      Word is that the river has peaked and therefore the town can start the process of recovering sooner.
    • smurfy
      Heard that too. Also heard 38 was closed for a but north of rapids due to flooding.    I know the water really came up when I was up last week compared to when I was there in April. 
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