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Slabfest 2006 Details


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Alrighty guys. Here's the details.

When: Saturday, February 25, 2006

Time: 1:00-2:00 pm is set for an "official" meeting time. However, I will be up late Friday night and don't mind if anyone stops by earlier on Saturday morning.

Where: My ice shack at Roger's Campground. I'm currently about 2 to 2 1/2 miles out on the east (right) side of the road. However, I may be sliding the shack in closer to shore early Saturday morning. I've heard some rumors of a better bite in closer and I'd like to have people closer to the fish if possible.

What's the Plan?: The plan is to just get all the FM guys together I can. I will be bringing my BBQ with so if you want to grill something, bring it and I'll cook it up for ya. If anyone else wants to bring food to share, go ahead. However, I'm not feeding you guys! grin.gif Beverage is on your own of course. Hopefully, we can swap some fishing stories and figure out where the bite is going to happen that evening. Anyone fishing Friday night, please bring info!! grin.gif Hopefully we can get everybody on some fish. (fingers crossed!!)

Last Minute Details: What I'm going to do is have a stack of maps in the lodge at Roger's Campground. There will be directions to my shack, GPS Coordinates, as well as my cell phone # on the map. You have to stop in to pay your road fee so might as well grab the map as well. Just ask Jerry or Joani inside for a map to Hanson's Slabfest. I will make sure they are in there by 8am or so on Saturday morning. I'm not going to be up to Red until midnight or so on Friday and need a little beauty sleep. grin.gif

Like I said, finding me should be easy. I have a 7'x12' perm. shack on skids with gray pole barn siding and white trim. (see photo above) I will also park my truck in a visible spot close to the road. My ride is a black 99 GMC Sierra Extended Cab and I have big Fishing Minnesota decals on the doors. If all else fails, call my cell phone on the map available at Rogers.

Please e-mail me sometime this week as well if you need additional info. I'm more than happy to help.

Hope to see ya'll on Saturday!

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I'm planning on bringing a grill also, and can help with the cooking scene.

I will be out scouting areas early on Saturday morning trying to find a good bite. Just got done uploading all of my URL waypoints to the GPS and I should be good to go laugh.gif

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I will be leaving early Friday AM. I will go poke around Friday and see if I can find a productive area. Without my pike I am a lost soul so I might as well go look for some of those silly crappies. wink.gif

If anybody has any questions or can't find "The Hanson" track me down and I will do what I can to help.

Look for my truck;


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Thank you for all this pertinent information...

One other question... Does the road from Rogers Campground connect with the roads on the north side of the lake?


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No the roads from the west side of the lake do not connect but if you have a fairy good 4-wheel drive vehicle ( like a Suzuki Samurai ) and it is a nice day you should not have any problem, I would not try it if it is snowing or the wind is blowing to hard.


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So pumped!

See ya Saturday smile.gif.


Man, what timing. I just got a phone call from the FishinLogician.

It's the FLU!

Ergo, team BuzLogic will not be makin' it up this weekend frown.gif.

Have a great time everybody, and catch the ones we can't.

hanson-thanks much for putting this event together. Maybe I'll see you next week at CoolCats eh?

(Answer to where I've been: New job, mucho hours, and[the killer], no internet. I hope to have a system set up at home soon, but until then, it's the public library. Thanks for asking.)

P.S. Cattin' this summer must be a priority for us.

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Dude!! Long time. Where ya been? We didn't even get to hook up cattin' this summer.

We can talk this weekend.

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    • leech~~
    • redlabguy
      We got .5” last night. Hasn’t affected the lake level yet. It’s been steady the past three days here (Frazer Bay). RLG
    • MikeG3Boat
      Water Levels I believe are now at a record high with all the rain last week, and more fell last night.  I hope it stops raining soon for all the people who have businesses and live in the area.  Water can do so much damage.
    • MikeG3Boat
      MarkB, Where did you find the perch?  I would love to get into some of those.  MarkB are you fishing more on the east or west end?
    • MikeG3Boat
      Where are the water temps now with all the rain?  Coming up for a week on Friday and want to see what I can find out.  I have had a very poor fishing so far this year.  New to the area and just can't figure it out.  Home is on the west end of big bay.
    • smurfy
      👍 dang that walleye is dark?????they all that dark out of that system?????
    • leech~~
      I think you got it! Nice Eye and hog Perch! 👍
    • MarkB
      I'm gonna try this picture thing again. Please bear with me.      Our buddy Greg with his best of the trip.     Above: Pike River bridge the morning we left.        Below: My cousin Tim caught these the morning after the storm.  
    • redlabguy
      Mark, Glad your crew had another great outing. It’s always good to read your reports. Just wish there were more of them like the old days. Sorry you hit the storm. One of the worst in our 14 years. We’ll be dealing with dock issues for a long time but nothing like the good folks in Cook have.  The fishing has come around a little since the storm. Definitely nightcrawler now. I don’t get far out of Frazer but the reefs are where the action is. Looking forward to hearing from you in September.  My best to you and Linda, RLG p.s. Our good old red lab, Ole, cashed it in last summer, but we have a 6 month old lab now who is learning the ropes up here (and teaching us we’re older than we think we are!)
    • Mike89
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