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2/4/06 Report - Banana and Graveyard out of Lyback's Resort.


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Just got back from Mille Lacs. Took my girlfriend up for the day to see how many perch we could get. It was my first time out of Lybacks, so I didn't know the area too well, but I had a printout of the area from the Lakemaster's software, and an older GPS. So I managed to find the main reefs well enough.

Started out about 8am on Graveyard. Fished 24', just off the edge of the road on the NW slope of the reef. Didn't even bother moving since there were perch right there. Was slow bite, but eventually had a school of super active jumbo perch come through. Fish slowed by 12:30, so we moved to Banana to fish deeper water.

Arrived at Banana, setup at 30', again on the NW slope of the reef. Tried to keep away from the other guys out there, it's a big enough area. Most were clustered for some reason. Marked fish on the first hole drilled, caught small perch immediately and non-stop for quite a while. Eventually slowed down, but weather thankfully warmed a little so I could go outside and jump between holes.

Overall, I'd say to avoid Banana, only small perch for the most part. Took a few keepers, but most were too small by a long shot. If taking kids with, it'd be hard for them to NOT catch a fish there, so may be worth it. Graveyard was slower bite, but bigger fish. Lots of guys were setup on Tulibee Hole, but I didn't go out that way to see how it was.

Oh, almost forgot. THE secret color for the day, GLOW RED! Tipped with "euro grub", also did ok with waxies. Vertical style jigs did best. Glow blue and green were not nearly as good as glow red. Took the biggest perch on a fathead on a glow green jigging spoon, that was it though for minnows, even partial minnows did poor.

Good luck to anyone else going out. Hope I was able to provide some good information for anyone else going for perch.

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caught lots and lots of small perch out of rocky reef with only 5 over 9 inches, biggest was 10 1/2. i also found that glow red with a euro larvae was the ticket. i only caught 2 fish in about 45 minutes after i ran out of euros. i'll get 2 boxes next time.

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My biggest was 13.5" and weighed 1lb 4oz. Only had 5 "jumbos", and 7 non-jumbo but still keepers.

I also forgot to note that most of the perch were puking up large amounts of little larva that they were eating. Must taste like euro larva.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Jetsky
      The mayflies are just starting in Frazier Bay.  We could see a few in the boat the last couple of days.  Then started seeing big trails on water yesterday and today.  I just got done cleaning 3 walleyes and they were full of them.
    • PSU
    • Mark1973
      Have the Mayflies started.  We are coming up end of July and trying to see what the time line for them are this year.  Not sure how the late ice out would effect the hatch.  Thanks in advanced.
    • MikeG3Boat
      67 degrees today in big bay. No fish today for me. 
    • Coleman
      Just an update, walleye are still hanging on the week edges.  I caught mine in 8-10FOW again.  Lost one that was 4-5lbs.  Best part, I have yet to use livebait this open water season.  Basically the same technique as last week.     Only issue is finding the weeds that hold the fish.  Same as last week, just looking on SI, finding small transitions between weed edge, soft/hard bottom ect.     Once you find them, then you can spot lock/talon down and cast at them.     And, as before all fish were released.  
    • MikeG3Boat
      I am with you. Can’t seem to find any walleye
    • smurfy
      i'll be headed up thursday afternoon. not sure if i'll fish much over the weekend, but if i do it'll be small lakes, lakes that i need to use a12 or 14 ft boat in the back of the truck kinda lake!!!!!👌 i have some projects around the cabin thats been on the honey doo list for some time i need to finish!!!!   come monday afternoon when everyone is headed home...it could be game on!!!!!!!   SO Kettle.......how are the skeeters????? are the deer and horseflies in full stride yet???? the n little ankle biting friggin flies??????
    • Patricialatina
      0 caught June 28, 2022 😭
    • Kettle
      Saturday and Sunday were tough days on the water, NW winds post cold front. Got better yesterday and today. Took a retired friend out today and sent him home with 4, should have been 6 but I was off my game. Water Temps around 70. Unfortunately can only fish Thursday as I have to work a few days, this weekend. Safe travels on the Independence weekend!
    • Caden132321
      Wasn’t quite sure how this week would turn out because of all the reviews but have had a blast and caught some awesome fish. Very weedy in most of the lake canoe out to less weedy area and fished around the weeds caught multiple 4  even heavier bass in a row definitely recommend it
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