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MWT ,Tom Miller?

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Tom or anyone,

I'm unable to fish all four dates this year so my partner is going to fish with a co-worker. So here is my question. If the field doesn't fill up and I'm lucky enough to get in to fish either Big Stone, Woman or both is there any rule about being my Partners Substitute if needed? Will you update the MWT website when dates are full? Thanks for your time. I will have my entry form filled out for the mail on April 18th.



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Hey Goldy,

Sorry to hear you will not be able to "Tour" with us this year. First of all, if you are going to sign up for a single event or two, don't wait till April 18th. Do it now and be on top of the waiting list. We will not cash your check in less you get in.

As far a being a substitute on your old partners team. You can use three people to make up a two person team. However if you fish a single event with a different individual, then that puts you on another team. A person can not be a member of two different teams. Or once you sub on your old partners team, then you can not fish a single event with a different individual. I hope that helps.

Our web site will be updated on tournament openings when we start getting closer to full. Just keep checking back.

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