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Medicine Lake Walleye's (CPR Please!)


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I would just like to say that it would be greatly appreciated that if and when anyone catch's any Walleye's, that you return them back to the water. The DNR's stocking seems to actually be taking hold (which is a miracle if you knew how many times the DNR has tried to stock Walleye's in Medicine the past 50 years). The problem is that no one knows exactly how many Walleye's there are out there. There could be 100 or 10,000. As of now the DNR is using Medicine in an experiment for stocking to figure out which way is best to stock Walleye's in the category of lakes that Medicine Lake falls into. The DNR will determine how many Walleye's they stock based on the amount of Walleye's they pull from Medicine. If the DNR catch a lot of Walleye's in Medicine, they'll probably continue stocking fish. If they find low numbers if no Walleye's at all, they'll most likely discontinue stocking. And this is where us anglers come in. It's really up to us to help out the Walleye's by leaving them alone at this time. Now, I've heard from anglers that keeping 1 or 2 isn't going hurt anything. Well, thats true if 1 or 2 anglers are keeping a couple. But you get 60 anglers keeping 2 Walleye's each, thats 120 Walleye's. As I said earlier, no one really knows exactly how many Walleye's are in Medicine. So having a 100 anglers keeping a few Walleye's could decimate the Walleye population, and thus in turn could severly hurt the chances of anymore Walleye's being stocked in Medicine. And when you think about it, there are so many other good Walleye lakes around the metro, there is no real reason to be fishing Medicine for Walleye's to begin with. Anyways, just wanted to get that out there. I hope fishing will be good for all of you as it is for me! grin.gif

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Wat up med man. Went out monday night. Not much going on. Heater ran out of propane and you know I like my heat. Stayed out til 5. Marked a ton of fish. The crops were hovering around and following my ratso but no takers. I did loose something pretty nice about half way up to the hole but never saw it. Probably a northern cruising the crops for a meal. I didnt have time to get live bait and was too lazy to retie somethining else. If ya happen to have seen channell 29 news that night and saw the goofball standing out on the ice waving (good thing I didnt do what I was considering) at the chopper.....that was me. DOH! Mabey I shouldnt have posted that. Hopefully the camera angle wasnt wide enough to give away my location smile.gif

NO too sure of there being much for GOOD walleye lakes around the metro, including med. Ya dont even want to give the impression that med might be or it will really get mobbed and the few eyes will really get pressured. Some people would rather cut off their right arm than throw back a eater walleye shocked.gif

Anywho everyone use common sense and at least give it some consideration. I wont tell people what to do since I simply dont keep many fish because I dont like fish much but also understand that to many people there is nothing better than a tasty meal of fresh fish.

See ya on the ice.

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