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My brother and I went to the pit directly behind the St. Mary's parking lot tonight. We got set up at around 5:30 and didn't even mark a fish. I decided to drill a few holes around us and send the flasher down checking for depths. Never marked a fish.

So I went back to the Otter and started b.s.ing and before you know it the flasher lights up with some huge red lines.

We were in twelve f.o.w. and the marks were at nine. All we had to do was lift up past the mark and hold it there. No jigging. If you jigged it they wouldn't bite. Hold it still and the spring bobber would very slightly bend.

It was crappies! But, the bite was really lite. They would follow up the red glow, or the Marmooska tipped with waxies when we lifted them. Then hold it steady and get ready.

Man what a fun night. Can't wait to do it again. We may have found a new "Honey Hole" thanks to Tyler.

Tyler, the spot where Alex came and talked to you is a decent place. My brother says that in the summer there is a weed bed that runs along that shore line.

But, what a haul! That is a very long walk pulling all that stuff. We must have had to take five breaks pulling that beast of a shack loaded with all our geear.

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Sounds like the exact same thing I experienced. I fished the heck out of that area in the summer with days of over 100 fish. I'm not talking just those tiny fish either. From my experience that South pits holds consistently bigger fish than the others. It's super nice that they aren't afraid to bite after dark.

Tom. Maybe we should have made the trip... Next time...

Spring bobbers eh... I just ordered 2 new rods with the built in Spring Bobbers. Look out light biting fish.

Nice report Dan. How was the ice? Water or slushy?

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Beleive it or not the ice has got thicker. When it was only 4-5" last Saturday, this spot was a measured 6" on the money.

We shoveled off a spot for the shack and after the first hole was drilled the water immediatley started saturating the place. It's nice having those mats with the holes in them for that.

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Are you guy's fishing today? If so, please give my cell a call (Dan). I would like to join up if you are still out a little later in the afternoon. Good luck to you both and may the fish be with you. wink.gif

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