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for Mr. Pike or Tommytanker

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I'm curious about possibly doing some tip up fishin on minniwashta...i've never been on the lake before but would like to learn a little more. My best friend and I were thinking about driving up north by Vermilion to do some tip up fishin but would like to stay a little closer to home and still have a shot at some big ones. Can you offer up any advice?

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Doop, White Bear lake is another good pike lake for tip ups. However, your question was related to minnewashta. I have a couple of suggestions for you.

Option one- Early ice go to the first access as you enter the park. This access brings you to the back bay of minnewahta. This has some deep 20 plus foot areas and two feeder creeks. Work out from the shore so you are outside of the weedlines. Set your tip ups or do some jigging for them. The weeds should still be green early and the panfish will be around them and the pike near by. You may get some large mouth bass as well if you fish right by the weeds.

Option 2 go out from the beach were the public fishing pier is. There is a deep whole here where there are crappies. there also is shallow water and the Pike will cruz this area and you should have great success. The lake is loaded with 1-3 lb pike with the occassional gater. I would recommend jigging for the pike with spoons vs a tip up but the tip up will work. It is just like still fishing with a bobber and sucker I would guess. If you get into a good bit let a few go back for future anglers to enjoy....

Option 3- Try Minnetonka it is a fabulous all around fishery

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I do Mr. Pike1's option 1.

I use the 1st boat launch head out to the right and fish the small bays on that side of the lake. last year I headed out early and C/R a dozen 20 - 23 inch northern, had a blast that day. best time for me has been from 7:30 until noon during the winter, after that bring a book.

If the bite is slow in the bays, go out the channel that connects to the main lake and go to the right. I had good luck there this summer. And yes, don't be suprised if you hook a LM Bass every once and awhile, an experiment on LMB forces you to release them immediatly on lake minnewashta so check the current posts at the lake.

Be carefull, the middle of the lake was wide open last friday and like I said I get out on other lakes in the winter before I go to minnewashta.


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