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Fish Lake (Scott county)

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I can let you know friday morning. I am going to check it thursday night. Should be good, I would guess.

I was there sunday and walked out about 20 feet or so and jumped up and down and the ice never even craked. I weigh in at 218lbs.

Will be fishing there this weekend if we can't locate any geese to kill and if we do locate the geese I will be there in the afternoon on saturday and sunday.

Stop by and say hi, just follow the smell of a cigar, that will be me.

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any info would really be nice. i'm not able to get out and see until next week so i appreciate the updates.

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Went out last night with Lanyard.

Ice is 4-5", you have 3.5 good inches of clear ice(should be close to 4 solid inches after last night) with about 1.5 inches of the white ice.

We where out about 150 yards.

Like I said before I weigh in at 218lbs and the ice never even cracked when I walked out. When we where walking off together the ice never cracked either.

The water is cloudy for some reason. My camera showed nothing but a bunch of bubbles or something in the water.

Talked with a guy(he was out about 200 yards) and he had some decent fish to take home with one pig thrown in.

Bite is decent during sun light hours but just dies as the sun goes down.

Will be there in the morning.

Hope this helps.

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We didn't get there till about 4:45 so we did NO GOOD.

The guy we talked to said the bite stopped right about the time we got there, go figure.

He had some nice crappies in the bucket.

It will be a day time bit until the lake clears up.(I would guess) That' why I will be there in the morning. We do pretty good in the mornings anyways.

yes, the one near prior.

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haven't been there in years. Glad to hear the fishing is getting better. I beleive a few years back it had a bad winter or something.

Good luck

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Would anyone know whether there is a way to access the west side of the lake, near the camp ground?? Or can you only access the lake from the public access on the north shore??? I'd like to know because I work near enough to the lake that I'd like to hit it some weekday...


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