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My 2005 comes to end with a brute


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2 years of hunting i finaly pinned him down

This buck had 1 antler 2 years ago so i passed him up.Last year he was

a little bigger then he is now.I had him pinned to this same spot last

year but he blew me out and never seen him again until this fall.I set

my blind up when i 1st noticed he was bedding back in this area(thanks

to trail cams)Waited until the winds were right (east)and headed to my

blind at 4am cause he was in this general area by 4:45am every

morning.About sunrise he showed up not giving me a shot with my muzzy.20

minutes later he came right down the trail my cam said he been working over.

7 yards away i finaly got a shot busted him head on in the chest you

can see the bullet hole.Dropped in his tracks

This is the same buck i had come into my blind while bow hunting i took

a pic of.Would have been a lot better to kill this guy with a bow.

perfect 5 on right side 7 on the left.Left side g2 & 3 both have

kickers.G3 on left side is 19 1/2" G2 is 17 7/8". right sides are

15'sTaxidermist green scored him at 193 gross

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Congrats tjm,

He sure is a biggun. How far was the drag he looks heavy?

Again congrats

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Did you shoot that deer in MN? If so where is the snow? ever since muzzle loading there has been snow. Anyway it is a really nice deer and congrats on the monster.

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Nice job, beautiful deer, he's a brute. I think that's a cool looking picture, just from that perspective. It could just be titled "Down".

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Maybe 75%of the state had snow but we did'nt have any until a few daysinto it.Now that should be a dead give away where i was huh

More pics will be comming hold on were still shooting at bucks.Drove south a couple states yesterday.Hunted until 8:30am this morning filled my Bow tag drove back to Mn just unloaded the deer and i'm off to Iowa to meet up with the other guys.Try to get a link to the pics when i get to Iowa no ones answering phones at the moment.Gotta go good luck to any one hunting this weekend

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