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Gadgetman - how's the ice on your side of the lake?

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Got ice? How Thick? Any Action? Been Out? Whatup? Where ya been? Driving much? Like to Work? Better to be fishing? Got your house ready? Keep'n tabs on those eye movements? Gonna come see us this year? Am I gonna come see you? Is that an invitation? Got a stove? Can we cook in the house? Or should I bring the usual Day Fish Company Herring Cutlets? Getting tired of this yet? How's that for 20 RELEVENT questions?

Oh ya, the title question counts.

Give me an email or drop me a line as to when we can get together.

Cuts smirk.gif

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Jack, you sound like my 10 yr old...guess there are some similarities! No the lake here isnt frozen over yet. Went pheasant hunting yesterday afternoon and on the way home made the scenic tour around the lake and while the edges are frozen the center was still steaming. Also saw a group of guys with buckets and chisel in hand that had started out on the lake and after 20 yds or so had to turn around. I would guess by later in the week with these temps it should be ok. I, however am not quite ready to give up on the bird hunting scene. That goes till the end of Dec. That said, with good timing a guy could actually do both if he was prepared with the fishing stuff in the back of the truck and went right after sunset. Kind of hate to drill holes that time of the evening but with an hand auger shouldnt be to distracting. At any rate we may have to try something shortly before or after Christmas. Stay in touch.Will try and keep you posted

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