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East Battle...couple of questions

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Considering a lot on East battle. Looking for some info.

1 how is the overall fishing and more specifically walleye fishing?

2 Can you access west battle from east all year?

3 how does west battle compare to east battle?

4 what is average shoreline run there per foot? ie $1000/ft more or less.

5 what is the water like? clear or green or some of both?

I read the DNR pages but they aren't updated very often. Looking for some FMers opinions.

Thanks in adavance for any info.


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You know my take on some of this. wink.gif

1. Overall fishing is very good. I am a bass guy, but from what I know people do get walleyes. If you want walleyes, Ottertail is your lake.

2. You cannot access West Battle from East Battle at any time of the year via the river channel. Beaver dams block it off.

3. Not sure. We fish East 99% of the time because the cabin is on that lake. West Battle is awfully good though for all species. No question.

4. No idea. There really isnt much left thats available without a cabin already on it. At least nothing I have heard of for a long time.

5. Pretty darn good overall. A little greenish tinge in the summer, but nothing like our metro lakes. I'd venture to say that during the worst times you can see down 6-8ft. Guess I havent really thought about it for so long.

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I concur.

Nothing further to add to his post, except a lake lot price on WB is much more than EB. Too many variables to give for price, but $1,000-2,000+ per foot.

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