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Road shooting

Steve Foss

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I know you can't shoot from a vehicle unless you have a disabled permit that allows you to do so.

But I can't find anything in the regs regarding shooting from, across, or within a certain distance of a road. I don't hunt near roads, preferring the logging cuts off the Echo Trail up here near Ely, but on the way from Bemidji to Ely last weekend I saw people set up and hunting within 20 yards of Highway 1, and wondered what the law states.

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It says somewhere that you cannot shoot across or form the right-of-way on any Maintianed Rd The right of way end usally where the wood begin or grass is not cut. It in the regs>>later theload

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From page 60 of the hunting regs:

"Other Restrictions

• Rifled barrels on shotguns are legal statewide.

• No person may discharge a firearm or an arrow from a bow on,

over, across, or within the right-of-way of an improved public

highway (including but not limited to federal, state, county, and

township roadways)

at a big game animal or a decoy of a big game

animal that has been set out by a licensed

peace officer.

• A person may not use a dog or horse to take big game.

• A person may not take big game by archery while in possession

of a firearm, except a person may take bear by archery while in possession

of a firearm.

Have a good one and N Joy the Hunt././Jimbo

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Talked to a CO once about shooting a deer next to a road and he said as long as the deer and myself are on the same side of the road and not on the enbankment supporting the road, it is perfectly legal.

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Get this.

Last year coming home from up north, there was a line of hunters posted right along Hwy 10 just west of Sartell. They had guys pushing the woods TOWARDS Hwy 10!

I just cant believe how stupid people are. I am sure they were thinking that by doing this the bullets would not endanger the people driving cars, but what about the deer running across the highway???

Holy cripes.

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Yeah. I've been a part of big drives, and may be again sometime, but I can't see trading it in for just sitting there all alone or still hunting by myself. And driving near a highway like that, there's just too much pucker factor for me. blush.gif

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