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Process of an Antler Mount

Mr Special

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I've never had a buck worth mounting till this season. I'm a little Cash Impaired so I got to go with a skull mount. I've been told a couple of things, but any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Mr. Special, its pretty easy to do, it just takes a little time.

1) Cut the skull down, but not so small that you break the horns apart - then you'll have a mess.

2) Get the hide off, do that soon, it comes off easier fresh.

3) Cut a three inch circle of pine and mount the skull to it. This is where you can trim up the skull plate a little to get it setting right.

4) Take plaster of paris and cover the skull plate, making it into a nice rounded shape, you can do more sanding on the plaster of paris after it dries.

5) Cover the plaster of paris with felt or leather, stretching it over to the back of the 3 inch mounting piece.

6) Attach the horns/felt/3 inch mounting board to your plaque, going thru the back of the plague into the three inch mounting board.

The key to a good looking mount is getting the felt or leather stretched over the horns/plaster of paris so it looks good. Good luck.

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Are you talking just the antlers or are you talking a full skull mount??? I have a realy nice 8 pointer in a full skull mount (europian mount) and it looks great. do a search for taxidermy on line and get some ideas, I've done a few this way now for friends and its kind of a neet way to do a mount. and very cheap too. caution on over cooking the skull, it will fall apart. and dont listen to someone who says "stick it in a ant pile" thats a great may to have something drag it off or mice chew gouges in it. some one once told me to hang it in a tree, the birds will clean it off. two years later there was just as much hair on it as when I started, what a mess.

I went to a second hand store and bought a big canning pot.(one that I did'nt plan on useing for anything else) I got out my outdoor cooker and went to boiling the head, takeing it out from time to time and just pulling the meat, brain, and other GUNK off, keep a close eye on the teeth, if they start to get loose, dry off the head and use a drop of super glue on the inside to keep them in place, once its all cleaned up and there is nothing left dry it for a week in the sun, you can then leave it natural, or tape the base of the antlers and give the skull a light spray painting.

I forgot to mention Sal Soda in the water, I'm not shure what it is or what it does, but I saw a taxidermy video and that is what they used, so I stoped by a local taxidermists and he simply gave me enough to get me going, it can't cost much or he would have charged me, and he's the one who gave me the pointers on the over cooking and super glue thing. Good Luck. and out of all the fish and birds I have on the wall, the deer mount is the first one everyone says something about. it stands out.

Hows this...? web page

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If you want to do it right go to vandykestaxidermy (Contact US Regarding This Word) and do a search.They have a really nice form and you can order panels also or just get the kit. In my opinion it makes a way better mount than other stor bought kits. You can also get kits to tan hides. Here is a pic of one I did last year for a friends first buck. I tanned the hide and used it for a cover but you can use felt or other material for the covering.


Sal soda is just sodium carbonate or washing soda (look in the detergent section of the store) Boil the skull plate in this to help remove any excess flesh.


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Hey Special, I've been doing antler mounts for a few years now. I don't use plaster. I use whatever material you like and quilting material (stuffing). I mold everything with that and use furniture tacks. They turn out really nice. The trick is to get everything uniform for it to look good. I also found a site where you can order lazer engraved walnut plaques for $15+shipping. The whole process for me only takes a day or so and I love doing them. I've done somewhere around 50 - 60 racks in the last couple of years plus 2 elk and a moose. I forgot to mention, I boil the base of the rack to remove all flesh. Make sure you this outside or in the garage (smell).

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Thanks everyone,

A bud at work here has done some and is gonna help with it.

I'm sure glad to be apart of a site that everyone is willing to help

Later and good luck

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