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Maggie's First Wild Birds

Mr. B

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Maggie and I finally got our first wild birds. Up until now it has been more my shooting and not Maggie that has stopped us. But tonight it finally all came together. We went out after work and within 20 yards of the truck Maggie was on a bird. She tracked it to the swamp and after ten minutes of trying to find it a rooster took off. I think I surprised both her and I when it dropped on the first shot. She did not retrieve this one, but since I lost another earlier this season I really did not let give her a chance. I could tell the bird was still alive to I hurried and picked it up.

The next bird Maggie put up was a hen, again on the edge of a swamp. The last bird was probably the most fun. She got birdy again and raced back and forth trying to find the bird. This one took probably 10 minutes before another rooster took off and tried to fly over the water. Again it fell with the first shot (I was again very surprised). I thought I was going to get wet on this one I heard it splash when it fell and I was pretty sure Maggie had not seen it drop. I was wrong, she headed out in to the cattails and a couple minutes later returned with a very soggy rooster.

That was it in 45 minutes we had gotten our first wild bird, first reteive on a wild bird and first limit. Walking back to the truck Maggie was still hunting she did not put any more birds up but I had to call her off two just to get back to the truck.

I hope the pictures turn out so I can share.

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