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LETS Otter Tail Mystery tournament, August 21st!!

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This is the final event on the LETS trail! Sunday, August 21st is the day. The tentative schedule is we are drawing the lake around 8:00 p.m. Saturday night. We will give teams enough time to get lake maps and necessary bait/tackle before the early morning event. The tournament will begin at 6:00 a.m. Sunday and end around 3:00 p.m. with the possible break to release and weigh fish.

Ben's Bait in Battle Lake is going to assist in picking the lakes and handling the draw of one lake. Further details are being worked out..

One lake will be chosen from a list of lakes that meet the multi-species criteria, must be 500 acres or more, good access and within a 20 mile radius of the city of Battle Lake.

There will be NO PREFISHING allowed on Saturday of any of the possible lakes.

West Battle Lake and Rush Lake are excluded. We are currently talking about a friendly gathering on West Battle Lake Saturday afternoon for a little competition and bragging rights.

Like the last event, I am hosting people at my place. Whoever was at my place at Rush gets their same location since that worked pretty well for parking and camping. I will need to know who else will be joining that didn't make it to the last event so I can make further arrangements.

We have openings for this event! A detailed list will be posted soon.

Contact me at [email protected] to sign up.

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We'll probably be staying at your place Saturday night, but not Friday.

I'm looking forward to the Mystery event and fishing Saturday the day before. Should be a lot of fun once again! smile.gif

Good Fishin,

Matt Johnson

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I wanna fish this one bad, Bub. If that NWA strike happens, I'll have to be at work that weekend. frown.gif

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It appears we have plenty of openings, Juice. Just let me know if you want to sign up!

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im interested in this tourney also FINALLY a weekend i dont have a bass tourney.. lol.. cam ya shoot me more details about expenses ect ect??? thanks! ooo.gif

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You can get the whole scoop Here

also I'm sure that Chuck will contact you.

On another note. Are you a pheasant hunter? If so, and you make this event, would love to talk with you about the Danvers slough.

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Sorry for the delay, things have been hectic. Just click on that link Paul provided and if you have any further questions, throw me an email.

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paul.yes im a pheasant hunter and goose hunter also :-) i recently moved here 3 months ago so i wanna know where to find birds..i see them ALL the time from benson to appleton though at least 20 a day

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  • 2 weeks later...

Everyone is welcome to arrive before Saturday morning, and we are planning on having an informal tournament event on West Battle Lake. This will be a multi-species tournament, same rules apply, so if you choose to fish Muskies, bass, northern, walleye, sunfish, crappie...it has it all!

We can start the WB event at Noon and end at 5pm???

That will give enough time to drive here, and set up camp before or after the event.

What do you all say?

We have 4 team openings right now for Sunday's Mystery event!!

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  • 'we have more fun' FishingMN Creators

Chuck, it looks like we're not gonna make it up until Sunday morning. So if you could give my cell a call when the lake is determined Saturday night I'd appreciate it. I'll email the number to you tonight just in case you don't have it already.

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Due to the change in the sunrise this time of year, civil twilight for this area isn't until 6:00 am and that will be too dark for us to safely navigate this mystery lake.

The time for Sunday's Mystery event will begin at 6:30 a.m.

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Good move Chuck.. always best to be safe! and a little extra time to shake out the cobwebs after a night around the camp fire would not hurt either.

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Hey ChuckN- Im hopin to fish the LETS tourney. Im just waiting on my partner to see if he can get the boat by sunday. I'll give ya a call or email when i know for sure.

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List of teams that are competing in the Mystery event!

1. Chuck/Aaron

2. Tom/Deitz/partners

3. Matt/Brian

4. Ron/Steve

5. Brad/Charlie

6. Team Bushwacker

7. Team Borch

8. Jon/Nik

9. Paul/Kevin

10. Team Wiggles (Dave/Chuck) - tentative Juice to replace.

11. Team Have More Fun (Greg/Kenny)

12. Glenn/Belinda

Here's the list of teams in the running for Champion's bragging rights!

1. Tom/Deitz/Dave: 75.7

2. Chuck/Aaron: 62.2

3. Glenn/Belinda: 56.5

4. Team Borch: 55

5. Paul/Kevin: 53.7

6. Ron/Steve: 51.4

7. Brad/Charlie: 47.1

8. BDR/Matt: 46.8

9. Team Bushwacker: 31.6

10. Chad/Jessie: 23.1

11. Jon/Nik/Jim: 20.6

12. Have more fun: 19.3

13. Tom/Jon: 4.8

14. Team Wiggles: 4.7

There are some tight numbers here!! This event is the most awaited event of the year for some! It is the true test of angler's abilities on fresh waters where nobody has a true advantage. smile.gif

Even though I live here, my boat hasn't touched an Otter Tail County lake (besides Battle Lake once) since the LETS Rush event, and before Rush I don't even remember. grin.gif I want this to be a mystery!! I can't wait!!

Remember, rules state NO PREFISHING possible mystery lakes. That would mean Friday and Saturday are off limits. wink.gif

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Would it be possible to join a tournament this late in the game? I just found this forum and am looking for a place to fish for the weekend with my cousin, alittle friendly competition would be fun. If yes what would the price be?

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Welcome LIHC!

You can sure join if you like. It's $50 per team. Here are the official rules and all the information: Click on this LINK to read more.

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Where is the access on West Battle? My father-in-law is fishing with me this weekend and he is PUMPED. You guys better watch out, Team Bushwacker is bringing in the big guns for the finale. We only have to catch about 50 lbs more than Deitz and Tom and we will be the overall champs. It could happen wink.gif

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There are 2 accesses on WB. One in the city of Battle Lake and one on the east side of the lake. I like the east side better for parking and what not.

Drive your boat over to the area of my place. We will be starting at noon at my neighbor's beach (it's where we went swimming at the last event). If anyone needs exact directions, throw me an email.

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Cant do it but would really like to. I love that area since i lived up there for two years in Alex. the boss (Wife) says i would not make it back for the golf tourney on Sunday. Would blow it off but she calls it "bonding time" which is more important than bonding with the boat. I will have to watch for other tourneys and events that I might be able to get into now that i have some more time on my hands for fishing instead of school,, moving, wedding, ect... frown.gif

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Kettle
      Water temp creeped into the 50s finally. 2 man limit
    • Rick
    • Raven77
      Water level is going down, but slowly.  My dock frame was 6" underwater last week and I can just see it above water today.  It's going to take time.
    • TomWehler
      My lil island front iron crib dock also under bout six inches. No Good! Lil higher than this time May 2008.  😮😮🥅🏒😮 No good to drop west dock for lifts as that would be under also n lift rails n pads be just but under water.  No Good! Marauder Boys miss the lake too. Happened before in my 26 years out there n will happen again so we just deal doing other stuff off lake n enjoy it all. Fun being a Shore Rat for shallow Crappies around home lakes. Bust a move n keep in the Grove. 🏒🥅🤩 We figure by anniversary June 12 th level drop enuff we sneek out in smaller Lund n fix up n open up? 🤩 Best of luck to ya but be safe. This lake is deeper n darker than you or I know…🤩 Big Smiles n Keep on Rocken! T    Did'nt intend to have pic so big....Geeezzz.  
    • redlabguy
      We’re in the same boat. Actually I’d like to be in any boat. Our island cabin dock frame is about six inches under water. I hear that water is not rising which gives hope it will fall but I think Memorial Day is too optimistic, at least for us. You should think about other plans?
    • Djsnej123456
      looking to do some kayak bass fishing on Clearwater lake by Annandale. Are there any Other landings other than the one on the far south west end? Was wondering how the fishing is on the east end but that is a heck of a paddle. Appreciate any feedback. 
    • mbeyer
      Water levels seems to be topic of the day. I'm visiting over Memorial Day week. Docks are not in on the island where I stay. Wondering if the water is going down? What do the rivers look like? Are they just pouring our water?? Is water level 6" lower than a few days ago?
    • Rick G
      Couple prespawn creek smallies
    • Rick G
    • Rick G
      Finding plenty of fish around the area lately. Water on most of our area lakes and rivers is very high. Most of the panfish have moved from those back bay areas and are staging for the spawn. You can find the pannies tucked in the weeds right now close to those spawning beds. Casting small jigs without a float to pockets of vegetation or to outside the pencil reeds has been working well. 
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