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Hey guys-

Just wondering......what are dipsy divers used for and how do you use them?

Any info is appreciated!

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A lot of guys use them, with or without down riggers on your boat while you troll.

You're gonna need a fairly stiff rod, and heavy line to use them. I use heavy dacron line on mine, as I have no reason to use mono back to the dispy. I hook the dacron to the dipsy. On the tail end of the dipsy, I clip on a 8 to 10 inch rubber bungy, to take up the pounding your mono leader will take if you actually catch a nice fish. I then use a 5 to 7 foot leader back to a lure.

They plane down, and then are supposed to release their planing action when a fish hits. If you tighten the release too much, that won't happen however. Play with it a while, and if you can't "pop" it free from the surface, its probably too tight.

I know you can get fairly deep with them, as I've hooked them into my downrigger lure that's been down 50 feet.

Since I started going out with 4 down riggers, I rarely use the dipsys anymore.

I know some guys who swear by them, as they like to use them to plane off to the side and down. I haven't ever done that. That's about all I know.

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I use them alot with just the rod and a dipsey, you can get dwon to about 30ft or so. Depending on the lure you are using. The main trick I have found is let them out slow or they will not work as well. I agree with the rubber snubbers. Make sure the release is set right or you will be fighting the Dipsey all the way in which is time/arm hurting. They are good if the fish are below the surface(planner boards) Dipseys are a poor mans downrigger.

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