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I am thinking about a new walleye rod and am wondering what you think is the best all around rod. I am thinking a Gloomis glx or St Croix Legend Elite 7'0 ft medium light fast tip. Should have the sensitivity and backbone to do the job. Is there a big difference between the medium light and medium weights? Is this the right length and weight classification and are there other better rods to consider...custom? If these two are the best, which is the best of the two or should I be considering some others? I currently have a St Croix Avid and want to consider all the options. How about those Midwest rods? I would like to know what the options are based on your experience...what do you guys think?

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Without knowing what your using it for this ? is hard to answer. Both rods you mention are great rods. You wont go wrong with either. I prefer St.Croix myself because I think you get more for your $.

As far as Midwest Rods go you can get whatever you want in a rod for a good price. You choose what blank, guides, handle, wrap, colors etc. etc. etc. I have 3 Midwest Ice rods and one of their sensive handle jigging rods. I love it. Very light and of course sensitive.

Give Bill and Al a jingle at www.midwestrodandreel.com and see what you can come up with together. They have tons of knowledge and ideas.

I think you are on the right track as far as rod selection. If you let us know exactly what you will use the rod(s) for we will give you specific rods that will work for you.

Good fishin!

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Thanks Northlander...I'm looking for a good jigging, live bait, spinner and slip bobber rod. Not sure if pulling a spinner fits with this type of rod use but those would be the main uses I am interested in. Hope that helps.

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I dont know if you will find 1 rod that does all those things well. I guess if I only had 1 rod to do those things with it would be a 7' Med action with a extra fast tip.

You may even be able to use it for lighter bottom bouncers then. I wouldnt go over 1.5 oz. though. Maybe 2 in a pinch but then you need heavier line. I would get a 7.5' to 8' Med/heavy casting rod and get a good baitcaster to pull heavier bottom bouncers and at least 10# line. I use a lot of 2 oz. to 3oz. bottom bouncers and use my big lake trolling rods and line counter reels to bottom bounce. They are 2- 8.5' Heartland rods and Diawa Sealine Linecounter reels. Works out well and I can double them as board rods then.

If you look into the Midwest rods I would get a sensive rod. They are lighter and you have more feel with them. If you arent sure on the design you can look at mine. Im in Duluth all the time.

Im guessing most of your jigging is casting so a 6'6" - 7' rod will do great.

Like I said I dont recomend only 1 rod for all those uses but if you go that way go with that 7' I recomended. The length may be a bit much for jigging but will be great for trolling and slip bobbering.

Good luck in your search and let me know what ya end up with.

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Sounds good. I like the medium versatility without giving up sensitivity for jigging. I'll let you know how I make out. thanks

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Steve is giving you very good advice. If you go with a Loomis you may or may not want to go with the GLX. In the right hands it's a great rod with superior sensitivity, but if you are rough on equipment I would steer clear. I actually had a Loomis rep talk me out of buying one when I was looking at them a few year ago. He told me the pro's he works with will pull them out on a light bite, but it doesn't make sense for most guys. I thought it was interesting to hear him say that to me.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • CigarGuy
      Nice job Bob! Fishing off the neighbors dock sucked for us. My gang is coming up Thursday night till Monday, this will be our opener, we'll hit it hard. It's a bummer my dock is mostly under water and the lift isn't in. Thanks to the neighbor around the corner for letting us park on shore at there place next weekend.
    • SkunkedAgain
      Well, I chose my screen name for a reason. 😆 Congrats to everyone
    • Bbobber
      I had a great weekend the weather was decent and fishing was good. I caught 5 walleyes 21"-25", 4 northerns largest was 32" and a 17 largemouth opening day. 2 more walleyes, 2 crappies 2 northerns on Sunday all on jig and minnows.
    • DLD24
      We had a good opener as well we could have kept limits opening day, but just kept enough for a fish fry. Then Sunday had our little friendly tourney and everyone had a pretty good day. Pulling cranks and jigs n minnows caught fish.  
    • Kettle
      Water temp today 45-50. Few fish, windy and cold 
    • Tominator692
      Had a great opening weekend. Son and I boated 51 walleye between Saturday and Sunday. Plenty of small stuff but no problem getting some nice keepers. This is a pic of the best weekend fish for us. 
    • fishingstar
      I was on Rice this weekend also. Seen boat lifts with water up to the canopy. I was the only one to catch a fish out of the hole campground It was about a 6" crappie.
    • BWpineisland
      We had a pretty good weekend. There were two couples and we limited out both Saturday and Sunday. The eyes we kept were all 15-17”.  We caught many 10-14” eyes and one 26” which was returned to the water immediately. All on a variety of jigs in 18-35’ of water. As usual the women out fished both of us😀
    • Bloatlord
      Wrong area, sorry.
    • Raven77
      I will second the advice on watching out for floating debris.  We saw a lot of floating logs and deck sections this weekend.  Also, most hazard and navigation buoys were not out yet.  I wonder how many lower units and props were destroyed this weekend?  It would be dicey if you don't know the lake.
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