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Hi Everybody,

I am coming up from Chicago to spend next week on the Moose Lake chain. I was just wondering if I could get some help with the conditions. I assume the smallies have already spawned, is the post spawn lull over? Are the 'eyes still in 12-15' and still on the minnows or have they shifted to leeches?

Any help you guys could give would be great. We only get the chance to go up there once a year and want to take advantage of our time. Of course, we do practice CPR unless we are planning a shore lunch. Thanks,


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If the chain is anything like the rest of the lakes around here crawlers are going the best. Seems like leeches are coming on but a lot more fish are being taken on crawlers. Lately I have found fish on shallow weedlines early and late in the day. Midmornings have been 1st breaks. Mid day I usually try to find some points into deeper water or mid lake reefs.

1 lake I fished had a lot of eyes on top of and around a offshore weedy hump. Some Crappies too. It topped out at about 9' with 16' around it.

I always have minnows with cuzz I love to jig. Minnows and jigs always catch fish. Im betting leeches will start going real quick now.

I hope this helps. If you have any more ? just post.

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I was up fishing about a week ago and fished minnows and leeches and found virtually no difference when jigging. Normally i would have stuck to minnows but i started running low on bait so I had to ration it and noticed no drop in production and maybe even a slight pick up in size of fish after switching to the good 'ol leech.

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