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Coming back up to Vermilion in Aug. Im gonna need a nice vacation with this class schedule I got going on right now. Havent had my boat in the water yet this year....My grand idea to take 4 classes this summer.

Anyway, Wife, Kid, and the one thats still "Cooking" inside wife will be up Aug 13ish..Ohh and a great big old lab named Bear. Staying at Leroy's place this year...

Looking forward to it, as I always do. Just thought Id say hi to my fellow FMers hope I see you on the water. Thought I was gonna be able to sneak up for the PRC, but to no avail. I have secured next year with the Mrs. Maybe we can have a "August Beard Classic" or "ABC" while Im up there? Anyone game for a friendly little get together in Aug as well? grin.gif

Be out with Tom on Monday(I think, cant remember). Maybe run into Cliff again and chat, meet MT Net, or maybe meet that Ace guy this year. So if u see a black crestliner with a choc lab, a 3 yr old kid, a pregnant wife, and some nice looking guy up front throwing musky lures stop by and say hi!(Dont be like that black mercury boat last year that just kept circling me watching..Geesh, Im not that ugly)

OK and finally, sorry Im taking a large portion of space: All you fellow musky nuts: Lets say you see a follower, do you base your figure 8 depth on size of fish, temp, attitude of fish, etc etc..Or do you usually keep your figure 8 for a follow at the same depth? Something that hit my brain with thought last year when I had followers with Tom and went deep on my figure 8(Hope I didnt give away any secrets Tom) Then was over by some islands with wife had a smaller guy follow, kept my figure 8 close to the surface and the fish attacked(No hook up) I missed it. So hence my question.

All for now, My biology lab is coming up...


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August, what a great month for your ABC! Count me in...if I can swing that date. Stop by for a boatside cold pop, providing I'm up there. Let me know where and when.


(Dont be like that black mercury boat last year that just kept circling me watching..Geesh, Im not that ugly)

Hey, it wasn't me! My rig just hit the lake this spring for it's maiden voyage. Lots of black Crestliners with Mercs out there, how will we know one from another? tongue.gif

Figure 8's, practice is needed. I usually end my retrieve with a figure 16 or a modified 7. tongue.gif

I usually forget to do it and stand there dumbfounded. But I do try to vary the depth while figuring the 8. I have yet to get one with these boatside tactics.

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Ahhh the fun of it all.


Mr. Beards wife ALMOST popped a huge fish on her first or second cast EVER!


I'm just that handsome and that good a teacher?

LOL X 1000 smile.gif

He is learning FAST, but she has the MoJo in that family.


I do a 6 sometimes and a omlout ~ type deal too?


Bonnie loves to comotion on the surface of her 8's.

I mix up my junk and do have fun.

Lazy at best but then I mostly see them coming in from way off and we get it on sooner or later!


Rock on brother.

Future Rocket maker for the good guys!


Run to the hills.

Run for your life.

Women and children attach.

Run to the hills, run for your life.


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Hey MT, glad to hear from ya. I read a post back a few about some "Maiden Voyage". It will be real easy to spot me. The Mrs will be 8.5 months pregnant, the 3 yr old will be running back and forth in the boat, and the 90lb lab will be on the opposite end of the kid(Sometimes it hurts when your tail is pulled I guess) grin.gif 115 Johnson sitting on the back of mine. Ill be wearing a big grin the entire week cuz I need a Vermilion fix in a bad way brother!

Still have dreams about that day Tommy....Let me explain to the folks at home: I had just moved to the back of Tom's boat cuz he was gonna teach Jen how to use a baitcaster. I gets me a follow...So Im working my lure and looking toward the back when I hear WHOOOOOOSHHHHH, SPLASSHHHHH, only to look over and see this huge girl's head out of water shaking, lure on the top of her mouth, eyes the size of a Iowa Pork Chop, fling the lure over Jen and Tom's head....Think I may have wet myself. I thinks I be learning this musky game, but Tom is right, Jen has the mojo. Told her that before I left for my night class, she just smiles..."Yep you had better take me musky fishing if you at least wanna see one" tongue.gif

PS: Tom your name has evolved over the course of the year with Drake. First it was MOOOSESKI Tom, Mostski Tom, and now we got MuskiTom. He says he wants to go fishing with MuskiTom..."Catch a blue fish" Some new strain I suspect??? smile.gif

And now I think I will retire for the evening...Friday is my off day for classes, maybe Ill take my rig out tomm and play in the water.....


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Dash 1
      First open water fishing this morning. Planed to go to Clearwater but water was 6 inches over docks. Drove over to Sylvia/Twin and access was great. Water very clear, could see bottom in more than 12 ft.  Caught several sunfish and bass. 2 northerns and a crappie. Most went back including a 9.5 in male sunny. Beautiful fish. Most caught in less than 3 ft water.  Temp was 61. 
    • SkunkedAgain
      We are high up on the hill so no worry of water damage, but our electrical box wasn't too far from the rising lake water. I hope that issue doesn't start hitting others as well!
    • Fish Head
      I was up for opening weekend, but only fished Saturday morning. I had a limit by 6:30 so headed back to the cabin to get work done. In about an hour I lost 2 on the way to the boat, boated a 13" that I threw back, and kept a 14, 15, 16, 17. Nice size eaters. Jig and minnow in 15-20 FOW.  Water temps where I was fishing was 41.    I have damage to 2 docks and several trees down. I hope this water level goes down soon! Good luck everyone. 
    • leech~~
      These shirts are pretty nice too! 👌 
    • leech~~
      Welcome to the forum. Buying clothing and gear for outdoor activities is part of the fun! 🙂
    • markwell2003
      I'm willing to buy this white shirt. It will look awesome with the juicewrld pants.
    • Bloatlord
      Opener was decent on Saturday and absolutely on fire Sunday. 9 eyes, three over 25 in, one at 28.5. A bunch of largemouths, some crappie and perch and a TON of bullhead. One of those weekends where your hands start to hurt.       
    • harrylynn64
      I'm quite happy since I'm going fishing with a pal for the first time in a long time. We plan to purchase some clothing for it, such as exclusive hoodies.
    • jparrucci
      The majority of docks can't be put it. Water is over the top of pretty much every permanent dock.  Very few docks are in. 
    • cm012419
      Crappies are all up shallow in the south metro. Caught this one shore fishing with a beetle spin from a more secluded lake without much access. All of the crappies were between 7-9 inches with this 11.5" being the exception
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