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Are there any fish in Fox Lake? My parents live on the lake and there appears to be fish in there according to DNR reports. I however, have had terrible luck on this lake. Is it best to skip it entirely for opener? Any tips for fishing the elusive Fox?

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I have fished Fox Lake(the one north of Faribault) before on the opener and have had limited success, some years better than others. A few places to try are the N.E. corner of the lake where the big sand bar comes well out from shore, the entrance to the creek to the right of the public landing (work these areas with jig-n-minnows,leech or toss small crankbaits #5 shad rap works real good). One more spot that is kinda hard to find, but can be worth the effort is to go left of the public access on the south shore watch your electronics, about half way down that shore line there is a point that sticks out, work the edges, while wathing your electronics carefully. There is some hard bottom(rock, sand) areas within the weeds that usually hold some fish.

Remember that wind, weather conditions and time of day will also lots of say to the bite.

If you are going out, I hope these give you a few areas to start at.

Good luck and Happy Rippin

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    • leech~~
      Nice video! Life jackets not needed in Yak's?  Just asking.
    • Fish Head
      Cigar guy, you got a good deal. They look like size 7 which is what I use the most for summer walleyes. Fleet Farm had all Rapalas 25% off last week so I stocked up.  I've used them a lot in the last 2-3 years.  If you fish them on rocks... you will lose some.  I try not to use them over the real bad snaggy stuff but sometimes I still do and usually end up losing one.  It takes a little practice, but they work well when you get it down.  
    • Fish Head
    • Fish Head
      Funny, I first heard of this on LOTW also about 8-10 years ago.  They're tasty but honestly I often forget about doing it. 
    • Bryan P
      Finally warm weather has arrived in Minnesota and I decided to hit the river for the first trip of the year in the Kayak. Felt good to be on open water after a very long winter. Even managed a few rough fish to get warmed up for the year!  Video: https://youtu.be/0gYDiOVH3As  
    • monstermoose78
      Spending some time in the turkey blind as it’s on solid ground. Had some jakes behind me but they don’t want to play. It’s okay as the have a free pass for now. In a couple weeks they will not have a free pass. If they would have come out I would have taken some photos. Lots for noise as everything is excited by the warm weather.
    • woody1975
      Price reduced to $250.00   DL
    • woody1975
    • delcecchi
      Now that sounds like a plan.   
    • kelly-p
      Sure. The good thing is if you have too many cocktails and fall off the dock you will not have to worry about drowning.  People are going to have a long walk to go swimming out of the Waskish beach. Hard to believe that 3 years ago the dock floated up off the support poles so we had to put in a few longer ones. The dock was right up to the predator guard below the wood duck houses.