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Time for a new Dock.. What Options do we have?

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I'm asking this for a friend of mine who has a cabin on IDA, east side.

He wants to replace his old wooden dock, and wants to know what to get?The old dock is 6 sections of 8' The cabin has a four foot rock wall to the lake, so roll-out is probably not an option. Decking Aluminium? Plastic ?, Fiberglass? Surface type? Any brands better/ more durable, easier to install/ brake down? Any help would be appreciated. I'll pass it on, Thanks


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I always lean towards roll in, even with the elevation change. All you need is a set of ramps/2x10's to get it up on shore. Aluminum roll-ins are the best for weight and decking is personal preference.

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Check out Steve's Body Shop on Hwy 27 between Alex and Nelson. They have fantastic docks and are great to deal with.

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I also agree with the roll-in variety. The sectional dock requires you to be dependant on others to help you put it in typically. Roll-ins can be done with a truck or 4 wheeler.

Question I have - how are those big roll-in docks transferred to the lake from where ever purchased? You see these 40 foot sections of roll-in dock laying around, how would you get them to the lake? I assume they break down but I guess I've never seen it done...

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Depending on where your friend's cabin is on the east side of Ida, I'm guessing it may have a fairly steep wooded bank. So the roll-in type is probably not an option when storing for the winter. You might want to give Todd a call at Alexandria Dock Works. He'll tell ya the pros and cons.

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Gentlemen... I certainly did not come aboard the site to promote my business in any way... However, I would be more than happy to answer a few dock and lift questions any members may have... I will provide an honest opinion - whether I sell a certain product or not... We have worked in every waterfront condition Central Minnesota has to offer and there certainly are pros and cons to examine... I don't spend much time on the computer to analyze forum feed-back, but I do check my emails nearly every morning... My email is [email protected] if you have any questions to bounce around... Tight lines... Todd

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Kettle
    • Leroyboyisthatu
      Was out the last 2 days. Saw some Crappies caught in warmer bays. Not much action outside the mouths of bays today. Hoping it picks up this week. Trying to learn this lake over the summer.
    • Rick G
      The creek is still very high and dirty. Prespawn smallies don't seem to mind😁 Morning bite has been very consistent this last week.
    • MikeG3Boat
      Any new reports from this past weekend?  Heading up Thursday for a long Memorial Day weekend. Looking for a place to start. Going out of Bayview RV resort. First year fishing vermilion. 
    • CigarGuy
      Looks like your neighbors old pontoon is in some trouble, only a couple inches of the motor is above the water.  
    • Mtnman
      Nice fish, but sad for the property owners.  
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end...  A great week of walleye fishing with good numbers of fish and some big walleyes and pike caught as well. Most anglers are finding walleyes vertical jigging.  A jig and emerald shiner or fathead did the trick.  With the naturally "stained" waters of LOW, gold, glow, pink, orange, chartreuse or a combo of these colors works well. Some anglers catching good numbers of walleyes trolling crankbaits over shallow sand, 5 - 12' of water.  Regardless of what technique, a lot of good fish on shallow sand this week. Walleyes are being caught in 3 - 31 feet of water.  Some walleyes are still spawning while others are well past that point.  Different things are happening depending upon what part of the lake, bay or river you are fishing.  A mixed bag for walleye anglers including walleyes, sauger, pike, perch, and sturgeon.   On the Rainy River...   The river has a lot of current with the dam wide open and high water levels.    Typical spots in the main channel are still tough to fish due to high current.  Finding current breaks adjacent to shorelines or the mouth of bays has been productive for those fishing the river.  Once you find fish, there are normally good numbers. Sturgeon fishing is closed until July 1st.  July 1 - Sep 30 is a sturgeon keep season with one fish per calendar year 45" - 50" or over 75". Up at the NW Angle...  A great jig continues.  Fish are being found in various depths from 5' -  30'.  Shoreline structure, neckdown areas and on some shallow flats are producing fish. Again, a jig and minnow was by far the most common method vertically jigged below the boat.  Trolling crankbaits over 5' - 12' over shallow flats or sand has been productive. Various ways to travel to the Angle. 1.  Drive through Canada to the Angle  (must be vaccinated, no covid test required) 2.  LOW Passenger Service (charter boat service across the lake avoiding customs)  3.  Lake Country Air.(fly from various Midwest locations to LOW and NW Angle) 4.  Take your own boat.  (Safety first, this is a 40 mile ride over big water)  
    • Shulsebus
      We will be up for our yearly trip June 4-11.  Just seeing if it's the usual baits so far fishing.  Anyone bobber fishing?  Lindy rig?  I'm assuming the water is told cold at this point for Leeches. Thank fellas. 
    • Better Than Working!
      I spent last week on Kabetogama and the conditions are hard to believe. Water keeps rising. The forecast was for another foot rise. We stay at Northern Lights Resort and they went over and above for the guests. Built bridges to the floating docks! Fishing was amazing! Hard to catch small enough fish to keep! People up there are battling to protect and save what they can. 
    • Mtnman
      I'm not getting any good reports on the lake conditions there. Friends on Ash River have water in their cabin. Hope all losses are at a minimum.🙏
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