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Thanks, Drake/Kupcho

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Thanks guys, I appreciate the info and tips. Would've liked to get back to you sooner, but the walleyes are running hard on a local river(continuous season)and as you know some things take priority. I think we're pretty much on the same page as far as an approach to fishing these lakes, but it's reassuring to hear it from the seasoned vets. Red jigs on Red lake, I LUV EM. It seems like the red jigs are much brighter and hold a charge longer than any other color, and the color itself must be key also. Another lure I've had very good success with on Red is a perch colored jigging rapala tipped with a minnow head. In the slower daytime hours I'll horse around with it, and the fish tear it up! Never caught any crappies, but everything else seems to like it. Minnesota fishing compared to my home state of Wisconsin cannot even compare. In WI. everything is downsized and requires a finesse technique,nor do we have the quality or quanity as does MN. It's nice to be able to try different and LARGER SIZE lures to catch fish, or even trying to keep your bait away from the pesky perch that are seen on the vexilar as they rise off the bottom,but usually hugging close, because in a flash predator becomes prey. On my last trip to MN. I picked up a Sportsman Connection fishing map book, and reviewing past posts I was amazed to see that every lake on my must fish list,are the ones that receive allot of attention from others also, they must be good!! ie. Moose,Pimushe,Gilstad, and Gull to name a few. So many lakes,so little time. Well time to hit the hay, have an early date with some walleye,white bass,and catfish. Went solo today,but now that I've located them I'm takeing my daughter and her freind along. They're not much for fishing, but I'm hopeing a good day of fishing tomorrow just might change that. Thanks again, keep up the good work. can it be luck?

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You are very welcome can it be luck. Now you'll have to be sure to give us a report back! During open water, the reddish brown jig that I mentione is just a regular jig, we have done Very well on the regular jigs that are non glow. I have had a few folks that have mentioned fishing with the perch colored rappala, and have mentioned it for Blackduck for the eyes too, hmm.
You're going to have a dilemma on your hands when you're up here as to which lakes to hit smile.gif Do you have a good map for Blakcduck~drop me an e-mail over the weekend and I'll get back with you late Sunday or Monday.
Good luck and hope to see you on the lake!

Drake Motel
[email protected]

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You said it can it be luck. "TOO MANY LAKES, TOO LITTLE TIME!!!"

Good luck.

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