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Turkey Season's End - Lessons Learned


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Great season! Wonder if we'll set a record for harvest again this year?

I like to reflect on every season by figuring out what I did wrong, and starting a list of "WILL NOT DO AGAINS." Though I didn't get a tag this year, I went with my brothers who committed a blunder or two smile.gif Fill in your own if you wish.....hopefully we won't be doomed to repeat our mistakes in coming years! I have a log book full of my own, so don't be shy.

1. I WILL NOT set-up too quickly with 4 sticks in my butt, and then be forced to sit motionless for 30 minutes in utter pain.

2. I WILL NOT head to the woods with someone who hasn't patterned their shotgun excessively, and doesn't know their maximum range!

3. I WILL NOT lose patience and faith in the fact that no matter how tough it seems, it only takes one dumb bird!

Feel free to add your own.


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I WILL NOT be moving out of my house the same week as my season. Pretty pathetic first turkey hunt if you ask me. Got to scout once and didn't even see or hear a bird on the land I was hunting. They were there at some point this spring. Just not while I was there. Oh well, maybe next year I will get an earlier season.

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  • 'we have more fun' FishingMN Creators

I will not get too attatched to one peice of property(or one bird).

Spent too much time on a good piece that the birds just weren't going on. Wish I'd switched earlier to give the kids a better chance.

My son learn that you can't move the barrel around even if the tom is a 100 yards oout there.


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I will not sit in one spot too long or not long enough! (somebody tell me just how much time that exactly is, please.)

This year was quieter than last year and I couldn't get birds to come to me. Had to head toward gobbling birds to put one in the freezer.

lesson: I will stop buying decoys and create nice garden decorations out of the ones I've bought. (every bird that saw the decoys either hung up or left immediately.)

I will keep chasin' the wily gobblers. Oh yeah!!

Best of luck to all ya'll, fishin', huntin', bow-practice, stand placement and may your hunts or fishin' trips be unbelievably fun and successful!

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  • 'we have more fun' FishingMN Creators

I agree on the decoys Tombow. Had the same experience again this spring. Only one of the last 6 gobblers I have shot have responsed positively to decoys. So many that I didn't shoot because of them that I can't keep track. I'm getting so I just don't use them much anymore.

Althoough I do use them in my stawberry patch to help keep the robins out. grin.gif

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I will not place decoys in a field, and if I do use a decoy it will be in the woods.

I will be buying an automatic or a very short stroke pump with a shorter barrel. An old, heavy, long stroke pump with a 28" barrel cannot be held in a shooting position for one hour. It cost me my bird in Missouri.

I will not tolerate early morning deer visitors. If they get your scent, they let every living being in the woods know you are there.

I will probably keep ammending this list throughout time. As frustrating as my 8 days of hunting were this year (3 in Missouri, 5 in Wisconsin), I am enthused about how much I learned.

Ray Esboldt

Catch-N Tackle
Stone Legacy

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borch, isn't that just the most valuable lesson for a beginner? Just how keen their eyesight is. good luck to you and yours next year. or the fall, for that matter.

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Scout, scout and scout some more. The thing that made my hunt a success was that I patterned the birds and knocked on doors.

Decoys could have been left at home. The birds ignored them or went wide of them. Three of us took birds because I took the time to scout their movements and we set up in their path. I'll continue to hunt the late seasons, but I'll scout even more next time.

Oh, and I will use my portable blind no matter how much work it is. The best invention since sliced bread. The turks had no idea we were there (neither did the deer or pheasants).

Too bad it's done for another year!

Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati (When all else fails, play dead)

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I WISH I could've experienced those sorts of issues mentioned above sans the stickers in the arse. I never saw or heard a turkey all season. In fact, I haven't heard one to this day...hen or gobbler. Hence, I will NOT take a left over tag, despite the thought that a left over tag is better than not going hunting. I will scout even more until birds are physically located. I will apply only for an earlier season w/known success rates. I will secure more land to hunt.
For this year, I'd have rather written a check to the DNR for the expenses and had more preference going into next year's draw. This was not a good season by any stretch of the imagination.

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  • 1 month later...

I will not set up in such a position that, after calling to a tom 300 yards in front of me for about 20 minutes, another turkey, Mr. Quiet Tom can sneak up behind me so close without my knowing it that when he finally does gobble I can smell his breath.

I will not jump 3 ft into the air when Mr. Quiet Tom gobbles.

I will not try to shoot Mr. Quiet Tom as he makes his escape, after I return to the ground. Especially if my hunting buddies are close enough to hear my shots.

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  • 2 weeks later...

First off, I will "try" to recover from my laughter at Bart Simpson's post. Totally understand & can completely imagine it.

I most likely won't use decoys, or certainly won't use them in open fields, unless possibly if I hunt in the first two seasons.

I won't, like someone else said, setup where I'm not comfortable, unless I know a bird's close & enroute.

I will scout more if possible & know more what to look for.

I will get there earlier.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • leech~~
      Word: Fish with Dad more!  👍   "I finally got into some larger fish with my Father"
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end...  Walleye fishing has been good all summer and is still strong.  Lots of limits of walleyes along with some big fish being caught.  Lake levels continue to drop thankfully.  Boat ramps are open and charters / guides continue to be on fish. Drifting spinners still producing.  Hammered gold, pink, orange, glow white, glow red or a combo of some of these colors working well.  Usually a two or three hook harness with just a few inches of crawler off of the back hook.  Good success jigging for walleyes.  This technique usually slows down in August, but this year it is still working great.  Using a frozen emerald shiner is the go to. Big walleyes being found, as a rule, over deep mud.  Jigging, spinners and crankbaits are all catching the big fish.   Nice eaters still set up in 15-20' outside both gaps on the south end of the lake as well as numerous areas of Big Traverse Bay.   Lots of anglers running north if conditions allow.   On the Rainy River...   Some good walleye, sturgeon and smallmouth bass reports from the Rainy River.  Water levels continue to drop.   Shoreline breaks, current breaks, weed edges and holes holding a mixed bag. Sturgeon anglers are reporting good numbers of fish.  Putting in a couple of days normally results in some success.  Holes and flats or saddles just off of the current good areas to look at. Up at the NW Angle...  Lots of walleyes along with a mixed bag is the norm.  Some anglers fishing MN waters, others boating into Ontario waters from the Angle and fishing there.  Good reports across the board. Angle resorts are located in MN right on the border.  Checking in with Canada Customs and being vaccinated is not needed if boating from the U.S. to Canada and not touching land, docks, anchoring, mooring or exchanging goods or services.   Little Traverse Bay (large open water east of Little Oak Island) still holding good numbers of walleyes over deep mud. Typical summer spots are producing.  Sunken islands, neck down areas with moving water and points.  With 14,552 islands, lots of places to fish. Muskie anglers reporting fish have been active with good numbers being caught. Various ways to travel to the Angle. 1.  Drive through Canada to the Angle  (must be vaccinated, no covid test required) 2.  LOW Passenger Service (charter boat service across the lake avoiding customs)  3.  Lake Country Air (fly from various Midwest locations to LOW and NW Angle) 4.  Take your own boat.  (Safety first, this is a 40 mile ride over big water)  
    • gimruis
      I have been out four times this season since mid July.  I caught some smaller ones the first couple trips, but Saturday I finally got into some larger fish with my Father.  The bigger ones are tiger muskies in the mid 30 inch range.  I had another one on that made these look small.  We got a good look at it when it surfaced and spit the hook with a head shake.  Appeared to be 45+ inches, which is enormous for a hybrid.
    • gimruis
      I saw a fair amount of wood ducks and teal in the Rum River a couple weeks ago when I was floating it for smallmouth bass.  More so than usual.   I hear ya on the ducks though.  There just isn't nearly as many as there used to be, which is why I stopped hunting them.  Hard to justify the time investment and scouting that is required when it only produces a few ducks per season.  I used to harvest about 35/season just 10 years ago too.
    • BobT
      Need to read bottom and mark fish while on plane   Marking fish while on plane? Is this even practical? At that speed, my guess is you'd go over it so fast a fish might show up as a dot on the screen. I've never thought that would be possible. Am I wrong? 
    • Rick
    • Wanderer
      I’ve only seen teal one morning on the river.  Absolutely nothing in all the evenings I’ve been out.  Hard to get excited about hunting around home. 😒
    • DarrenBell
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    • monstermoose78
      Been searching for teal with hazel and Finn. We seen a few but not any numbers anywhere. I think I got a pond that will be good as it was full of rice. 
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