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I've offically caught more and Bigger 'eyes off of a 5 acre pond then big Mille


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Well.. here's the Ironic part. Today I caught 5 walleyes in a pond about a mile from my house. The size? Oh.. fingerlings I guess the DNR had put in the "pit pond" this spring.. about 3 inches long each... What does this mean? Both times I went to the "Greatest Walleye Fishery of the state" I got skunked. Once was with a friend.. the other was on a charter-- not a SINGLE person on the boat caught a fish.. not even a perch that day. (and this was ALL day.. (8 hrs) )

I'm hoping destiny will change as the guy who took me out before is taking us out again Sunday.. but we'll see. Atleast it's an enjoyable ride aboard his 23' cabin cruiser if bouncing over the waves doesn't make you sea-sick wink.gif

If it actually is calm that day maybe I'll try to convince him to go shallow so we can fish for bass and pike instead.. atleast it's something we can KEEP.

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It sounds like You and Mille Lacs are probably not a good match. That's OK - to each their own.

Were your skunkings this year? If you are getting skunked this year, you might want to consider getting a different friend to take you out on Mille Lacs smile.gif

For me, it is my favorite lake to fish, regardless of what I can or can't keep.

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Crawlerman, I fished Mille Lacs for the first time last weekend. And at first the lake seems like it would be hard to fish because of its size but if you know walleyes you can almost find the fish anywhere on that lake the structure on that lake is great! We just explored the lake and caught fish everywhere we went! you should get a good map and figure out from people what the fish are feeding on and what type of presentation! A little knowlage of the lake would increase your percentage a great deal go out and have fun and pull up some big walleyes, then tell the guy your going with were to go!! Brettskee

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