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Launch Fishing info/assistance


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I fish Mille Lacs 8-10 times per summer, but am participating in my first Launch Fishing experience tomorrow as part of a corporate event. We're going through Terry's . The first question is: Besides the inability to cast or troll, what other differences are there when Launch Fishing? And the second question: I've been using leeches exclusively on Mille Lacs, but with the current baitfish shortage, would shiners or chubs be a better option?

Thanks in advance!

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In most cases the captain will either set you up and anchor and everyone bobber fishes or the captain will use some sort of a drift pattern. Obviously copnditions are what would determine the tactics. If you are on the boat and you are using a drift pattern, try to get on the side where you wont be fishing underneath the boat.

I have fished many launches and always used leeches. Either leeches or shiners will work. Typically the launch proivides the bait and they prefer leeches cause they are easier to keep and last longer. We have had lots of luck and gotten skunked on laucnhes. This year I doubt you will be skunked. The fishing is just too good!

My advice is bring a cooler stocked with your bevarge of choice, be prepared to have a good time, sit back, wet a line, and watch the fish roll in.


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Vikes40for60 has hit it pretty well.

You're going to have a good time. A cookout on the launch is fun as well.

I've heard good reports from St. Alban's Bay Launches on the NW side. Hint Hint.

Of course, the fishing is pretty good wherever you are right now and the launch captains usually have a pretty good handle on where the fish are biting best.

Check the Resort Locator above and go to Mille Lacs Area. You'll find the good launch captains there.

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Launches. Can be very good, can be very bad.

All in all, you're fishing.

As far as individual launches...some are better then others. But you will have that no matter what. Depends on your captain really I guess.

just my 2 cents


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