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Results from the Wednesday night Bass League!

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We kicked off the year last Wednesday June 2nd. We had almost a full field of 14 boats!

It was a beautiful night after two weeks of rain to be out fishing.


1st place went to Dean Shinler and Cory Frantzick with 5 bass for 13.86lbs!

2nd was Wayne and Deb Brokke with 13.54lbs.

3rd was Rob Christensen and Tom Ahlman with 13.12 lbs. They also won big bass with 4.15 lbs.

Points leaders:

Dean Shinler 14pts (Dad-n-eye)
Cory Frantzick 14pts (CorynTracySellHomes)
Wayne Brokke 13pts
Deb Brokke 13pts
Rob Christenson 12pts
Tom Ahlman 12pts
Ron Dehn 11pts
Derick Johnson 11pts
Mike Kruse 10pts
Steve Lavine 10pts
Marshall Adams 9pts (Mabr)
Julie Adams 9pts (Mabr)
Chris Lindstrom 8pts
Scott Lindstrom 8pts
Tony Carlson 7pts (Little Ranger)
Luke Carlson 7pts
Jason Kendall 6pts
Jamie Griffin 6pts
Tim Lindstrom 5pts
Chuck Bergman 5pts
Korey Sybrant 4pts (East Rush Rules)
Mike Sybrant 4pts
Terry Tretsven 3pts
Cheryl Tretsven 3pts
Josh Chilson 2pts
Kevin McCall 2pts

Good job everyone! If someone is not going to be able to make it this week PLEASE let me know! Thanks!

Cory Frantzick

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Those were some nice weights. What lake did you fish???

The Spook

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Results fro Week 2.
Wednesday June 9th, 2004

It was a chilly blustery night with a coldfront flying through and strong winds out of the North. Brutal conditions for most, but, as always someone figures it out!

1st place went to the Father/Son team of Chris & Scott Lindstrom with 5 fish for 14lbs even.

2nd Place went to the Father/Son Team of John Shelee Jr & Sr with a nice 5 fish limit of 12.1 lbs. They also got Big Fish with a beautiful 5.7 lber!!

3rd place goes to Ron Dehn & Derick Johnson with a nice 4 fish bag for 10.6 lbs!!

Standings so far.

1st Cory Frantzick 26pts (CorynTracySellHomes)
2nd Dean Shinler 25pts (Dad-n-Eye)
2nd Wayne Brokke 25pts
2nd Deb Brokke 25pts
2nd Ron Dehn 25pts
2nd Derick Johnson 25pts
3rd Chris Lindstrom 24pts
3rd Scott Lindstrom 24pts
4th Mike Kruse 23pts
4th Steve Lavine 23pts
5th Marshall Adams 19pts (Mabr)
5th Julie Adams 19pts (Mabr)
6th Rob Christensen 17pts
7th Tom Ahlman 17pts
8th Tony Carlson 16pts (Little Ranger)
8th Luke Carlson 16pts
9th John Shelee Sr 15pts
9th John Shelle Jr 15pts
10th Josh Kendall 13pts
11th Tracy Frantzick 12pts (CorynTracySell.
12th Tracey Shinler 11pts (DadnEye)
12th Korey Sybrant 11pts (EastRushRules)
13th Josh Chilson 10pts
13th Kevin McCall 10pts
14th Tim Lindstrom 8pts
14th Chuck Bergman 8pts
15th Marc Paul 6pts
15th Erick Miller 6pts
15th Jamie Griffin 6pts
16th Mark Busch 4pts (SkeeterMark)
16th Paula Bloom 4pts
16th Mike Sybrant 4pts
17th Terry Tretsven 3pts
17th Cheryl Tretsven 3pts

See ya next week!

Any questions or concerns please give me a call at (612)801-0809 or email me at [email protected]

Cory Frantzick

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Hey Cory,
You know that i told ya i wasnt goinna be there wednesday, scratch that!! I will be there. Thanks

Trick'em n Stick'em

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hey cory.. thanks for the great hospitality this weekend, and for letting me take the "big pot" with the speed limit.... i have some photos from the weekend that you may want... if you want them let me know what your e-mail address is and i will send them you you...



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Where can I get a copy of the schedule for the year? Thanks!

Them bass sure are biting good on daredevils in 30 feet of water........... wink.gif

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Hey Lil Ranger were were ya??????

As for a schedule I don't have one made up up, but, it's every Wednesday!!

See ya this week???

I will post the standings later today!

Cory Frantzick

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can somebody join the league now? Just wondering because I may have some interest. Softball ends next week and will be looking for something to fill my Wednesdays. Please let me know. thanks

robert.nathe at target.com

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