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How did you accesorize???

united jigsticker

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...Your boat.

I'm looking for a bunch of ideas from you guys as to what kind of neat things you've added to your boat. (Basically a "toy list")

I've got the Vex and the Lowrance in there, and some nifty rod holders...But ya' know...

All input is greatly appreciated and welcome!

Thanks in advance.

Best of Luck,
[email protected]

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I just got a 2004 17' Lund Explorer with a 115 Yamaha 4 stroke. I have 3 graphs. All Lowrance. I run a X-15 and X-97 on the dash and a LMS 320 on the bow mount trolling motor with universal sonar. 8 flush mount Ram Rod Holders, 2 Cannon Mag 10 downriggers, Trolling mast on front.I was going to put my electric anchormate on the front but opted to save room and do it by hand.
Im looking for a T8 kicker but so are tons of others and they dont pop up used very much.
Now that I have this boat I wish I had a 18' or 20'er. grin.gif

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I mounted a Minigun on the front casting deck of my AlumaCraft....you know, to intimidate water skiers that might think about venturing to close!

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Heres the toy list... (also looking for some good ideas for things to put in boat)
Well to give ya a idea for a boat, its a '03 Alumacraft Tourny Pro 185.

We have a universal MinnKota w/a vex hooked up to it. Then it also has a co-pilot on it. Thats all for the front of the boat.

Then on the counsel we have a Lowrance depth finder and a ram mounted Lowrance GPS. Thats really nice to have.
Then we have rod holders scattered in the boat.

It also has a MinnKota 3-bank charger. Then there is a 36" Ruler in the back thats taped to a plastic piece then thats screwed onto the back of the boat near the livewell. Otherwise thats about it.

Also since you never have a towel handy when you need one. We got a golf towel, screwed a small hole into the bottom side of the counsel and put it there. Thats nice too, it keeps it handy all the time.

And keep those hooks sharp!

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One thing I added this year, and they worked great, was magnetic tool organizers in the front and back. When the weather is hot I wear shorts and a tshirt in the boat, and hanging a lanyard with a nail clipper around my neck is a drag because I don't have a layer of clothes to tuck it away and keep it out of my reel and line when retrieving, plus I don't have a belt to hang my needle nose holster. I stuck these things to the magnets and they stay handy all the of time I'm out there, plus hemostats and crankbaits with different lips for changing depth quickly.

I was worried they'd rust, because I fish in just about anything except lightning, but I had no trouble with that either.

I shopped around and found an organizer that was only about a foot long. It stuck out about an inch and had sharp edges so my neighbor the remodeling contractor gave me some scrap Corian countertop and we made collars for the bars. No sharp edges and they worked slick.

Now I just need to find a way to keep the landing net out of the way until I need it.

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