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Fish Cleaning House


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Does anyone know of where I could get plans to build a small, basic fish cleaning house -or have any suggestions of their own? I'm looking for a fun project for the cabin that would make cleaning a little easier than newspapers on the picnic table. Thanks!

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Two cool ideas
the first one is talk to local restaurants about getting their old sinks, especially plasce looking to go out of business, cleaning fish on a stainless steel table is awesome. Plus the sink is nice to wash fillets and hands.
Another one is kinda like an outhouse, dig a hole, cover the top if it and stick a stove pipe down the hole, run some water in when your cleaning fish and dump the remains down the hole, works really well.
Leave a spot on the walls to mark the fish you clean and make a little side note, of what made the trip special(big fish, grandkids etc) after a couple of years its pretty cool to look back on.
on the front make it one huge screened in window, all the kids want to see you clean the fish, so by giving them a big window to look into, they are not under your arms.
those are a couple for now.
Best Fishes

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heres what the guy at our resort has and it works pretty good...

its pretty much a normal countertop with a sink in it. under the drains in the sinks are 5 gallon pails for all the guts to go into. under the pails are wooden "grates" dug into the ground so they are level with the rest of the floor (i assume there is some kind of drain under these grates too) then he has a hose so you can wash all the blood and stuff into the sink. everything goes into the buckets but then when they get full, the guts stay in the bucket and the rest of the water overflows into the wood grates. it works pretty good and it doesnt stink either

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When making a cleaning table make it at the right height (so ya don't have to hunch or bend over) Ibuilt mine 44" high and am 6'-0". Build it to the hight comfortable for you.


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Here is what I use. I usually don't use the fish cleaning house,as well as alot of others.The big differnce is that I don't use the kitchen table,counter top or the tail gate of the ol pick-up.My dad came home one day with my ultimate fish cleaning table.He was at a rummage sale and say this and thought it might work. He paid 5 bucks for it and brought it home and gave it to me.I have used hundreds of times and will continue to use it as long as it takes.Any idea yet what it is.....It grandma's old wooden ironing board.
I removed all the cloth off and got down to the wood.On the shinny end I drilled in 2 screw.Just far enough to hang one of those old plastic grocery bags,(We all have a big bag full of the grocery bags),throw the fish guts in the bag.After your done, tie the handles together and throw away.The iron table I have has different height adjustments on it so it get to the right height, no matter who uses it.it also handle just about any sized fish.No more bitter spouse.Going fishing some where that doesn't have a cleaning house, take the old iron board with.Lays down nice and flat,don't take up much room.
Just an idea...just my 2 cents

As far as cleaning up after use.Take the garden house to it with a mild soap and your good to go for next time.

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Here's what I did. I've got a 30x40 garage, in one corner I made a seperate room. Before I poured the cement, I put a drain in the floor and ran a pipe to my septic tank. The room is insulated, so I can heat it with a gas wall heater for the winter months. Also installed a window style air conditioner(pawn shop-$50, now 5 yrs old). The counter is 3/4" plywood with a hole near the back wall. Lined the hole with a piece of stove pipe, long enough to reach a 5 gallon bucket sitting underneath on a small shelf. At one end of the counter is a bathroom sink(found at the dump). Have an extra garden hose hook to the faucet. Guts go into a hole dug ten foot deep with post-hole digger, covered with piece of plywood. Depending on how often I clean fish, I will frequently oil the counter top with cooking oil to preserve the wood. Many say this is an awesome set-up. No cold fingers, sweaty brows, and a ground-falt outlet for electric knife.

I believe the whole thing didn't cost me much more than $200.


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