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Paying by PayPal

Captain B.R.K

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How does this work? There are some things I want to buy that people have been talking about here at fishingminnesota.com. Looks like the method of payment needs to go through PayPal.
I've never gone through PayPal.


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I think when you go to check out they will ask for your paypal acct or give you the option of setting up a new acct. Click on that then follow the steps. They will either want a credit card or a checking acct number.


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Paypal is basically a web based pay service with federal reserve banking privilages that allow you to transfer funds from a bank account (checking or savings)or credit card, to somone elses account through the web. It has many levels of security built into it, because you are dealing with your personal financial information. I've used it many times for purchases on ebay without any problems. You make a deposit into your paypal account from say your checking account, once the funds become availabe (usually a couple days), you can then use them to pay for merchandise from places that are also set up with paypal. You can also leave a balance in your account to pay for stuff in the future, just like your checking account. I'm sure there is a fee of some sort if you are the seller and receiving funds from someone, but I'm not sure what the percentage is. I think there are some phone companies, electric companies, etc set up so you can pay those bills on line through paypal too. Whoever thought of this has to be rolling in cash, even if they only charge one or two percent. Anyway, hope this helps.

Fish on gotta go--JON

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Just like Tom said. You set up an account with a name and password. I've used Paypal for several years without a problem.

What's nice is that if you use a card like VISA, you can dispute a charge and get relief. I recently bought something on ebay and the item never arrived. VISA customer service voided the charge from my bill.

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From Animal (sorry accident)
Be aware that although PayPal is ligit and used by many online sales companys, if you ever receive an email that looks like it's from PayPal, it's not from paypal and don't open it. It could be an attempt to add spyware to your computer.

Paypal will never email you and ask for information like SS number or credit card numbers or any personal information.

end Animals post.

Animal: Good call. I have been using Paypal for a couple years and have received notices from them wanting this info. not that I would give it.
go to Paypal.com set up an account and away you go and you can also use it for transfering money and selling also.


[Note from Rick: You do not have to set up a Paypal account for 1st time purchases using paypal and your credit/debit cards]



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Here's my .02:

I've also used the service many years and have the "upgraded account" where I can transfer funds to and from my checking account. Very convienient.

The downside is that I'm charged a 3% fee for transactions.

One note on security. It might be too good, if there is such a thing. I had a problem where I was double charged for an item. It was actually downloadable software. I received two copies, so in a sense I got two programs and was charged twice. Now....tell me how to return and get refunded for that. I went round and round with paypal and they wouldn't help me, in fact the put a temporary lock on my funds. I could receive funds in, but not out. How that happened was I had my bank stop the second payment and paypal seen it as a "nonpayment". What a hassle.

Anyways, yeah, just set up an account, and you can pay anyone who has an email.

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I used Pay pal 2 years ago and the system got hacked. I had 3 paymnets made in a 24 hour period for 300 each to the same account. I got the money back eventually, but it took a long time and pay pal was not very accomodating when it came time to solve the problem. I am not sure if they have added more security layers since, but I will never use Pay Pal again.

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PAYPAL - great idea and very easy to use...

As with everything there are limitations mainly to security gotten better over the years.

My cousin & I run a eBay business and paypal is how we receive 99.9% of our payments. The upgraded account (mainly for business) does take fees from every payment made to you. But there are two ways to get those fees back or at least a portion of them.

Fees - https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=p/gen/fees-us-domestic

1. Debit card - Any $$ you have in there you can spend like it is in your bank account. Plus with that debit card you receive 1.5% back from every purchase that you make with the card.

2. Money Market - Paypal also has teh capabilities of the #1 paying Money Market. Any money you have in the account is eligible for the money market. Currently paying 1% but has been as high as 1.09%. Try getting that from your bank.

So as you see there are downfalls and some great advantages from paypal. e-mail me if you have any other questions or need some help signing up.

My cousin & I have done 25k wirth of business on eBay in 12 months... Without paypal I do not think it would have been as easy as it has.



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