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Fishing Minnesota email report

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I just got done reading the memorial day email report,and Personally? Thank you for sending it.
The warning about not containing any fishing info, had me confused and curious, but I read on and I was appalled when done reading it, all about people replying to you about it being a waste to send them something other than fishing info? I say bull****t!

Before anyone thinks on slamming anyone about this? Remember what Memorial day is all about! It's not about picnics not about paid days off or getting drunk! Its about thanking people that gave you freedom!

I had a chance to spend this weekend as many weekends with Nam vet and great friend Dick Bodin. Dick was a Marine with the 2/3 "Bastards from the Sea" on hill 88 in Kai Sahn the night they lost 80% of their men, during the Tet offensive.
However? After being wounded several times, and doing 2 tours so his younger brother could not go over; He returned home to be dumped on by our own people calling him a murderer!
Unfortunately He suffered a massive stroke about 6 yrs ago, from direct exposure to Agent Orange, but can still fish with the best of us, though every day I see him limp and not be able to use his left side? I remember that he is suffering for my freedom!
Veterans are a major part of our history, but die by the day (approx 1100 WWII Vets die per month.
Don't be afraid to thank a Vet they kept you free.

Rick, thank you for remembering what the true meaning of memorial day and what being an American is about.

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All I have to say on this Memorial Day is thank you veterans and soldiers past and present who have drawn the line in the sand with their lives to make the USA what it is today.


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To those who don't understand, you saw Rick's instructions.

Spooner, WI just finished a memorial to all of the veterans of that town. They officially commemorate it, appropriately, on June 6th of this year, the 60th anniversary of D-Day. If you haven't seen it, make the stop. It's south on Hwy 63 about a 1/4 mile from where Hwy 70 joins 63.

I saw it Saturday when I went to put a cross on my father's grave in the Veteran's cemetary in Spooner.

I saw my father's, 3 uncles' and 2 cousin's names engraved in that black stone. The tears were there, as was the pride! I'm a second generation vet and God willing my cadet ROTC son will be a 3rd generation.

To all of those that still don't get it, you're still welcome from those that do.
Long Gray Line
CPT, US Army, Infantry

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