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fishing future

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starting thinking about this the other night, after reading some posts and talking to other FMers. Seems every one has there favorite spot or area they like to go to. Most found them by using GPS, lake maps, or some sort of depth finder. things have sure change from what they used to be 20 or even 10 years ago. Ever think what fishing will be like 20, 30, 40, or even 50 years in the future. Could be interesting!

Things have sure changed from when I started fishing a long time ago. Winter months you would pick a spot and hope it would have fish. No lake maps, GPS, depth finder or underwater cameras to aid in the search. Most of the fishing lines were the size of a small rope. grin.gif Reels were a different story. Motors were big and bulking, even in small hp; noisy, produced more fumes than a room of chain smokers.

Will motors be so quite that you will have to listen twice to see if they are running, some are almost there now. will the fumes they produce be gone totaly? Bigger hp in smaller yet motors. Or perhaps there will be some tpye of new propulsion developed.

Boats are getting bigger and lighter, not to mention more stable. Some affordable, others not so. New trailers make it a snap to unload and load, even by oneself.

Are depth finders going to be able to tell you not only are there fish below, but what species and how much it weights. Could be we just hold up a scanner, to have it tell us; two walleyes 1/2 mile out in 20 fow,(and they are doing WHAT, never mind) perhaps even what bait would work best. grin.gif Cameras have added to this, but still lack in many ways. Or maybe just hit a button and the fish is beamed into your boat. (beam me up scotty) grin.gif

GPS are getting better every day, smaller and more accurate, along with more memory. Lake maps are even improving to the point that they are correct most of the time.

Fishing line has come a long way in the past fews years, with the new advances in technologies, and I am guessing they are only going to get better. Some day we made have a single line that will work in all situations.

And then there is the shear number of people fishing today. new and warmer clothing has even the weak of heart out braving the cold. In a matter of second they can setup their house, have the holes augered and the heater going. Using their new high tec glow in the dark jigs, while looking at the radar unit. Could be we will all have bulters to do the setup, then call when its ready. grin.gif I think the number still show tho, that 90% of the fish are caught by 10% of the fishermen. Take a look at Lake Superior, few years back only ones on the lake was the charter boats, now everyone is out due to advancements.

Not pointing fingers at anyone, just my two cents worth. Guess we will just have to see what happens.

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