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Who got ya ta fish?


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OK, so here we are all talking about age, tips, this n' that.
Now, tell us who influenced you the most to start fishing.
In my case it was my wife (ya, I'm going for the bonus points here).
I did not know fishing until she literally forced me to come out of the shop and pick up a hobby. We bought an old Starcraft, took it with all 4 kids down the the Cedar River, sat back and watched a few other boats, to learn how to do it. The rest is history. I fell in love with the water and fishing has become my third love of my life.

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My Dad. I grew up on the Farm in ND, we would hit Devils Lake ice fishing 4-5 times a year. Some years more. Loved it, sure miss my Dad. We will be fishing that Great Lake in the Sky together again.


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My first fishing memories are.
1. Fishing in a storm drain with a piece of string and a safety pin.
2. Sneaking 1/2 mile on my belly through a grassy field to avoid detection while makeing my way to the river to fish. I thought the season was closed.
3. Catching loaches(small Japanese eels) in a mountain stream in Japan.
4. Stareing at all the beautiful fish and coral through a glass bottomed boat in Okinawa.
All these memories are before the age of 5!
My favorite movie was "The Incredible Mr. Limpett", he's the guy(Don Knotts) that fell in the water and turned into a fish.
Other than my Grandfather and Uncle on my Father's side who used to take me fishing alot, my love for fishing has always been there....I just wish I would've had someone to take me fishing as much as I would've liked to go!!


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My dad died when I was two, so my older brother, Curt, taught me to fish. When my mother was killed when I was seven, the family was split up, so I had to learn the rest on my own. Well, almost fifty years later, my brother is retired from the Air Force and my union contract forces me to take five weeks of vacation a year, so we finally get to fish together again. It would be fun, just once more ,to get together to fish Bullheads with canepoles on the Minnesota River.

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My dad took me fishing when I was young. My mom also showed me how to clean fish. My uncle also took me fishing at a young age. Great memories, and I'm sure there are many more to come smile.gif

Good Fishin,
Matt Johnson

[email protected]
Catch-N Tackle and Bio Bait
Stone Legacy
JR's Tackle

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Dad! He worked a ton but always made time for a couple times out a month.

I'd rather be skunked than follow the crowd!

Brian Rogers

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