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One. 1. Won.

Dennis Steele

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It sounds like a good trip to me!Any time you spend on the water is time well spent,and a day that the good Lord adds to your life. smile.gif

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My fishing report
by buz bunni...

The FishinLogician and I christened his new boat with it's first fish. Walleye. 1.5-2lbs.

We fished most of Sat and Sun from the top of pool 2 down to the MN/Miss convergance.

It was cold, it was windy, we occasionally froze, but we had fun.

We marked a plethora of fish, mostly suspended(just waiting for a few degrees to start the chompin'), but had few takers.

Finally landed the one 'eye on a minnow tipped swimming jig head up by the dam. I dropped it, let it tumble downstream, tightened the line to pop it upstream and voila!-there she was. It must have popped up right on her nose. One is "lucky"; more is talent. I was lucky this weekend. It's been many a moon since I caught a walleye. It sure was fun, and she sure was pretty.

We're learning the river and how to fish it(thanks mostly to all you generous with tips 'n advice). Experience begets success; so we'll keep plugging away. It sure was nice to be on a boat. I love shore fishing, but this was a whole new world. What a blast!

As a final bonus: met a fellow FM'r out on the water. Bear_arm, nice to meet you! Look forward to seeing you out there in the future.

Ahhh, love that river fishin'

I think we won.


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