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I'll be in the market for a new boat next season (hopefully) or something thats used little anyway, and want some input on different boats.
If it were totally up to me i would get theultimate fishing unit, but the wife wants more of the fish n ski type, thats kind of what we have now, but i guess its more of a speed boat with a bow mount and locater slapped on it.
So the question is, do any of you have a fish n ski type boat that you find is comfortable to fish from.
I would reckon any would be comfortable becasue most seem to have the pedistle seat in the front and back, were my boat doesn't , so it sucks standing all the time, and if its abit ruff than its not too safe, as i would imagine the pedestal in the front or back in some of them boats wouldn't be either.
Anyway, how about the Nitro fish n ski unit?

I was curious as well about these newer Mercs.
like the 150H.P.s, can you troll slow enough with one, or do they kill like my old junker?
also, if you CAN in fact troll slowley,
do they suck the gas down, and gum up like the old ones?
I DO have a bow mount as well, that I'm going to take off my boat when i sell, but I wont use that when pulling cranks


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I have a Alumacraft 165CS with a Merc 115 on it. Great for fishing. I have a bow mounted trolling motor. Someday I would like to add a kicker motor, 9.9 hp 4 stroke.
I use it for fishing, skiing, and for pulling the kids on the tube.
It works very well for all the above but as I stated a kicker motor would be a "nice to have" not necessarily a "have to have"
Good luck on your search.

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A friend of my dads just got a new boat and motor. I think he said the motor was a Merc. Optimax. Not sure what the boat was. Walleye boat as far as I can tell. He said that his motor gets great gas mil. and has good pick-up (course its a 200+). He says that when he has it on a trolling speed it only uses 2 cylinders and when he goes faster it's computer adjusts the # of cylinders and the output for max. performance. I have been hearing good things about this motor, might be something to look into.

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