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"Fizzing" ?????

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I was talking to a guy this weekend and he was telling me about what he called fizzing fish. Has anyone ever heard of this? From what I was told it is a way to save fish when they are brought up to fast from deep water. I’m sure most of us have seen the stomach tissue coming out of the mouth of fish and know that’s one for the live well no matter what the size. He was telling me that when this happens there is something that can be done. He told me that if you put the fish in water (your live well), take a needle and insert it into the fish about a half inch from the butt towards the head of the fish, it will release all the air that causes this problem.

He said that there were mixed feelings on this issue. He said that some of the guys he talked to said the fish would then sink and die on the bottom. But he said that he kept fish in his live well for hours after doing this and said they seemed to be fine.

Does anyone have any info on this? Proper name of procedure? Where I could get some information on this? What type of needle to use?

If this does work I think it would be a great help in trying to get some of those bigger fish back in the water.


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I thought that was what they did to fish caught in deepwater before they were released at B.A.S.S. tournements.
God lyk!

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Contrary to belief...Fizzing actually does more harm than good to fish. In a study conducted in Alberta they found the following survival rates:

100% survival between fish that were fizzed or not fizzed that were caught less than 20 ft. deep

88-94% survival between fish that were fizzed or not fizzed that were taken from 20-25 ft.

89-90% survival for Walleyes that were not fizzed and taken from 25-33ft

42-66% survival for walleyes that were fizzed and taken from 25-33ft.

So fizzing deep fish actually lessens the survival rate. Hope that helps

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Other reasons contribute to the death of walleyes taken from the deep such as muscle injury and insufficient oxygen levels in the blood.

Fizzed fish show signs of stress and a reduction in certain types of blood cells.

Hope that clears things up.


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Call me crazy, but in my boat nobody is going to be sticking anything up anything elses butt for any reason, medicinal or otherwise.

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