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Fishing & Hunting vs. The World

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You know those signs posted in inconspicuous places at every eatery and public building, the ones that say maximum capacity, followed by a designated number? Do you ever wonder what that number is for this planet we call earth? Think of India, China, and Japan; are we that naive to think we won't be standing in their shoes down the road? Is the United States government going to wait until it is too late to impose childbearing laws?

These are a few of the questions I can't help but wonder about as I watch thousands of acres of hunting land be destroyed and built on each year. Don't people understand that the more of us there are, the less land and clean water there is for us to enjoy and live off of? Do we need to keep laying more blacktop, build more landfills, power plants, and sewage treatment sites? Or should we start to regulate our population?

We always say, "Release the big ones for the future generations". What if our lakes and streams can't grow "big ones" because there is too much pollution in the water? I know of a couple lakes I almost refuse to fish because all the fertilizer running into the lake has turned its water to green sludge.

How about waterfowl, I sometimes wonder if the contaminants are worse in the metro geese and ducks I eat than the fish. Our frogs already have more than four legs, how much longer until our fish have more than one tail? On the news recently there was a story about how our landfills will be full soon; funny how they don't have a plan for what to do when they are full! My guess is they will act first and think later like we humans seem to do in most cases.

Now some of you are thinking, "Wow, this guy must really hate kids". Quite the contrary would be true, I love kids, they are the main reason I wanted to be a guide. There is nothing better than watching a ten year old bring up a big old Walleye. That smile is priceless!! I just don't want there to be so many people that those big fish stories don't get made anymore.

I know...the American Dream...beautiful wife, barefoot and knocked up, a couple of kids out in the green yard you just mowed, playing with the Labrador puppy behind the white picket fence. Pinch, pinch...wake up, just a dream!! More like a teenager gets pregnant, lives in an apartment with ugly brick walls, and a parking lot for a front yard.

So what does all this mean for our beloved Fishing and Hunting? Is this all a bunch of B.S.? Lets hear some thoughts from you!!

P.S. I think hitting ducks is tricky enough, how about a three-winged Bluebill:-)

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Great Post! Very contreversial indeed. I don't know why more people aren't replying?

People might not agree with each others opinions, but who cares? Let's here 'em.

On child birthing laws, I am extremely apposed. To begin with, it is entirely unethical to choose the number of children a couple can have for them. I'm not saying that a our future wouldn't be brighter if a couple could only have one child, but to make that decision for people is wrong. Besides, there's no good way to enforce such a restriction. If you punish every couple that does have an excess of children, that will only hurt the situation.

Our future may not be bright, but a pregnant teenager in a @#$%ty apartment is a little too pesimistic for me. I don't believe trying to regulate the population will solve any of our problems. I think the best thing we can do is make better use of the natural resources we have.

I too hate the idea of all the new pavement being put in the place of "our" hunting land, but you'll have a tough time convincing the average American that the person in that new house has less of a right to the land than you do. To that issue, I can think of no good solution.

I could go on and on, but it's getting late. I sure hope some others will share their opinions, I'd like to hear them.

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Firstchoice- Looking at your posts, did you pack the ice fishing gear away? JK grin.gif

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Hey First,
Get a grip man, you must be under a lot of pressure lately about the new house.
You know...that american dream that you said was "just a dream".

All of your concerns are important and I for one, agree with some of them. The
one problem that outdoorsmen face is in our elected officials. frown.gif

The same guys you vote for to "save your gun rights" is voting in favor of
big money. People like big oil and gas
companys, minning and logging interest.

Better use and control of our natural resources is the key to saving our wild
areas. Sterilizing the human race won't
do much good if people continue to rape
the land.

Terry Sjoberg
Ace guide service.
Beautiful Lake Vermilion.

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I am in the same boat,kind of.When I was growing up and had a brain full of ideas,i thought the same things.I have always lived on the out skirts of cities and have watched as they grew right over the top of my "playgrounds".that is the fields and streams and lakes that I spent most of my time.I grew up hating to see all these areas developed and row houses and parking lots put in.There was a lake in particular that the water clarity was near twenty feet.Now your lucky if you can see 5ft into those waters.This is from all the manicured lawns that have replaced the woods and wild fields that once surrounded this lake.There are many other examples also.
But now I find myself in a place where in order for me to make a living I am one of those people working in an industry that ruins those open fields and waters.The construction field is the field I spend most of my time rather than playing in the open fields.Sometimes I look at the land that we are building on and think"Wow this must have been beautifull.What can a guy do?If I were to quit my job what other job can I get that does not impact on environment in one way or another.Our economy is based on growth and I want our economy to be strong so that I can support myself and my family.(and so I can go out and play)
There are some things I have done to preserve our "playgrounds".I have elected not to have any children.I do not hate kids.I love them.I was actually a school bus driver and enjoyed it very much. I have a step daughter of whom I think of as my own and love every minute of being her father.I just chose not to have any more for the plain fact that overpopulation is allready becoming a problem on this planet.
Another thing I have done to protect our"playgrounds"is to not only abide by our game laws but to only take from our environment what I would use that day if I take anything at all.I am for the most part a C&R fisherman.I do not hunt anymore although you can find me sitting in the woods and fields just watching the wildlife.I do not have anything against hunters I have just decided that I don't realy need to shoot any thing to enjoy the wild life for myself.(Although....I will never pass up a venison steak,roast duck,pheasant soup.or a deep fried turkey if it is offered to me.Oh man Yumm!)Besides I was a pretty good shot,If I get up on something close enough to where I would have had a shot it satisfies any hunter instict.I just think to myself "I got you"I will leave the actuall killing to those who enjoy it more than I did.
And another thing A guy can do to preserve our "playgrounds" is to join an organization that does protect them.And promote your ideas to others concerning preserving the great outdoors.

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I just found a ten foot pole!!

Spring fever is getting to alot of us already, and still along way till fishing opener, so brace yourselves for what could come in the next couple months.

"Maximum Capacity" Is an interesting thought. Our future hunting and fishing is threaten, but that is a thought that had never really crossed my mind. And it is good to think about what we can do. IN theory "child bearing laws" are not entirely a bad idea, just wouldn't work here, unless your willing to be an oppressed nation, I AM NOT!

We are not Japan, we are a free country, and it currently would be uninforceable. If some were to break that law, what would the penalties be? Jail time?-just what we need more single parents, not spending time with thier childern, Fines?-take food and other needs away from the childern. Just some thoughts.

Developement is rural areas is exploding, currently the government protects agricultural land by limiting growth on prime farm land, they should also protect the forests and woods, not just the parks. Limiting where developement can take place, is a possibility, but someone better start soon before the nation is divided into 5 acre lots.

"American Dream" I wanted a house in the country with some land and I got it. And I would bet thousands of others would like the same. Get away from the noise,crime, and hustle of city living, no neighbors ten feet away looking in your windows, being able to forget to lock the garage and still having all your stuff when you return. This is my dream.

But as guideman said, we must better use, control, and protect the resources we currently have.

Think I better go organize my tackle box now-again.

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Thanks for posting, I too wish more people would respond. I don't care if people agree or disagree, it's purpose was to spawn some deep thinking and hear what is on the minds of my fellow sportsman.


Sadly I have put the ice gear away, but for good reason. I am purchasing a home up by Cass like I have been dreaming about for so long. I will need all the cash I can get my paws on for the down payment, thus I decided to hang it up till the open water arrives.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • gunner55
      We drive by the stripping station on Cutfoot weekly & try to keep people up on that too. I think it may be a bit later here, will check it out tomorrow
    • Darrell Larson
      Have a couple spots that are 10' open, I live on north side of Pike Bay, large rocks along shoreline helps heat water. Hard to see the ice condition on the Bay as there is a lot of slush on top, once that melts and the warm sun hits the ice it will go quick. Our new Chesapeake pup discovered she lives on a lake yesterday.
    • ZachD
      Its that time of year again pick up your heart guard and your flea and tick.  
    • Smoker2
      Where are you located?
    • eyeguy 54
      Time to get the yak ready. Might need to paddle a couple spots on the sippi soon. 
    • mrpike1973
      Nice Crappie!
    • Rick G
      Eyeguy and I made it out one last time yesterday. Access points are getting pretty bad in our area. Was finding roughly 2ft of  very chunky ice in the places we drilled holes. With the warm weather and bright sunahine we had, I'm guessing we lost a few inches through the day Fishing wasn't exactly fast and furious, we did get our fish... but really had to work for the quality.  The area we ended up finding our fish was a shallow 6-10ft dark bottom flat, close to where they will move come ice out.   It soon became apparent the fish we were targeting were almost swiming with their back right against the bottom of the ice, infact my two best crappies hit while my bait was only inches below my hole.  Baits we found better success with were the Northland slugbug and The Impulse Mayflies in bright colors. Jig size didn't seem to matter much due to the depth we were fishing. As I am typing this, my thoughts are already turning toward warmer days spent chasing smallies on the river. The boat and yak are soon to be ready, rods will be strung and so on. It was one heck of a long winter.... fished with some real good people from this site I had more good days than bad, got some monster fish locally... for these things I'm truly blesaed.... like I said,It's been a long winter....I'm glad it's over Pic is of my last big ice crappie for the season  
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      I will certainly keep you informed about the progress of the hatchery. I expect to see the nets and traps go in within the next two to three days. The run should be very strong as the fish are already moving into Pike Bay strongly. Cliff
    • Bigfatbert
      Thanks Cliff for your Pike River deteriorating ice reports and pics . I. Really want to show my wife the hatchery when the action is really happening this year , I would assume you will be right on that when this happens , is there any way that you can give a shout out on here as to just when this scenario is happening up there . With the warmer temps being quite steady now , I would think the run will be rather strong this year when things get going ..  
    • biff