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The wife and kids and I will be up for a two week stay on Spirit Lake just outside of Vergas 7/12-26.It's been 2 years sice we've been to beautiful Ottertail/Becker counties due to the wifes battle w/cancer (she's doing well enough to go fishing again) Was just wondering how the fishings been lately. We also enjoy fishing McDonald,West Silent,Star & Round lakes. Any info on where to find crappie, walleye, gills & bass ( depths,structure, baits ) will help in making this long awaited trip successful.
Thanks in advance for any tips. Tom

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Just came home from Star this afternoon. The fishing has been incredible. We caught plenty of walleye, and some nice gills to boot. The walleyes are around 14-20ft. off bars and flats. Use a lindy rig, plain hook, 6ft. snell, and a leech. Worked great. Bluegills are all over the lake in the weedbeds of 12-14ft. just off of the big weed beds. Hope this is of some help to you. I'm glad to hear your wife is doing better. I hope your trip is a success and you enjoy your time together.

Good Luck,

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I was on Otter Tail this holiday weekend and did alright. During the day was tough, but late afternoon was great. I ended up releasing a 25 inch, 23 inch, and 4: 12-14 inchers. I fished the weedline with leeches. HOW DID EVERYONE DO DURING THE 4TH? WHAT DEPTH DID YOU CATCH EM IN THE DAY?

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Fished Big McDonald a week ago (the 29th); you can always get into the sunfish there. Just go out from the ramp along the western shore, find the weeds, and anywhere from 6 or 7 to about 14 feet you can find 'em (move in/out if you're not catching 'em quickly, or catching big ones). You'll throw back three or four little ones for every keeper...but there are some nice ones to be had.
You can also troll along the weedlines and pick up some northerns...I caught a couple (pretty small, though) on a spinnerbait doing that.

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    • huntnfish
      I made it out last Sunday and did some searching for walleye. The search didn't produce any walleyes, just northerns and smallies. The water temp on the main lake was 58-59 with the bays being about 5 degrees warmer. The people I have talked to have had similar issues finding the eyes. We missed some fish that left the shiner all chewed up. Most of the fish marked were out in that 18-21 foot range which seemed pretty deep for this early. It could have been Saturday's cold front that pushed them a little deeper though. 
    • Hoey
      SRJ - Thanks for the report.  I heard the bite was very-good to excellent, off the rocks/reefs, in the mud/sand.  I will be at the lake fishing this weekend.  
    • srj
      What a couple perfect days for LOW on Monday-Tuesday. Fish seemed to be biting well from shallow to deep and from the south side to up north.  Caught fish from 7 - 28 feet in good numbers and sized from small to large. There seemed to be a lot more fish on sand and mud than rocks. Quite a few males caught near rocks were full of milt. Biggest an 28 1/4. Most on jig and minnow but some on crankbaits. Sure a big pack of charters hanging around the Knight Island shoal. Warm, calm and no bugs!! Hope Memorial weekend winds stay light. My new to me Ipilot Link Bluetooth remote somehow changed to German, Dutch or some other language on the display. Anybody ever have that happen? Good luck this weekend.
    • Mitch K
      Nah it was maybe 6-7 inch, maybe it'll be a keeper next year.
    • Stephen L Johnston Jr.
      Wow, thats like a 15lb walleye given that length. Wish i could see such a Waldo, too bad they are not part of this forum!
    • jigging-matt
      Nice pics.  Can't wait to get out this weekend and give it a try.
    • Nix769
    • curt quesnell
      Sunshine, pleasant temps, no wind, no bugs a perfect week to be out on LOTW. Oh yes, fish are going crazy....This weeks NCOR Vid shares what is working..Enjoy!  
    • curt quesnell
      Thanks Guys  
    • paceman
      Last night my son and out went out for quick panfish trip to a local lake after dinner. Did not have any live bait but we usually do well tossing small jigs/plastics. Surprisingly we were the only boat at the landing and the only boat out fishing on this heavily developed lake. It did not take us long to find the huge sunnies. They were really stacked in 4-6'. The lake was pretty calm and we could hundreds of them swimming under the boat. We didn't stay there long but they were very aggressive. I had one that touched 10" and a few others over 9. We did not keep any. Looking for active crappies we went to spot number 2. Again going super shallow we could see quite a few in 2-3' around there beds. They of course were pretty spooky and did not like the boat being so close. We backed out and tossed into and around lilly pads. We ended up catching about a dozen. All released. I wish I wouldn't have left my phone in the truck as I would have loved to get a picture. Just amazing how black they are right now! Again didn't stay very long. Just a quick trip to scratch the itch..