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Favorite Jigs and Spoons

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Heading up to Winni the first week in January and will be staying at Denny's Resort. I have only fished the lake once, and you could have put a plain hook down and caught the jumbo perch. Just wondering what the "experienced" fisherman of Winni have found that works best. Thanks for any help, hope to see you up there.

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Buckshot Rattle Spoons - Gold, Silver. 1/8 ounce and up.

Jigging Raps - Perch color, silver black, gold black, blue and silver. Any size. Except the real big ones.

Gem Eyes- Any color

Plain jig heads- Any color Tip with minnow.

Plain Hooks- Tip with minnow.

As you can see anything will work.

But I like the the Buckshots best. Use a minnow head on there.

If there real picky I go to a panfish jig with maggies or waxies. Genz worms, Fat Boys, Bro Bugs, and that new Genz Bug looks good to. T-bone the waxie on the Genz bug, the head sits in the mud and the waxie looks like a larvae in the mud and the perch suck it up.

You will catch eyes when using these methods also. Thats why I like 4lb. Vanish on my perch rods. I fish Winni over dozen times a year and guide there with a buddy and this is the system we set folks up with.

Good Fishin,


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • jigginjim
      If you live on the lake from what I have seen and heard they put the boasts ok n when nobody is at the ramp checking. So much for the great inspection, no decontamination after leaving the lake, that's a major issue I see. So far I have not seen any of the inspection crew at other lakes. Nobody on Constance, Buffalo or South ramp of Maple lake.
    • Fishing Frenzy
      Has been pretty slow lately. One night you do decent then the next nothing. Very hit or miss.
    • BobT
      Aren't there some great spots along the Mississippi south of the TC? I'm not familiar with that part of the state but it seems I've heard things. 
    • Rick
      Is the night bite going?
    • delcecchi
      I would surmise the slop bays across from the resort would be good for largies.  Crappies, next bay down from resort to the right of the point with the giant mansion on it.     Smallies, any rocky shoreline or rock pile, for example  Windsock Island and vicinity. Pike, various weedy areas mostly although I have never had much luck deep in the slop.      Maybe some of the folks who go the LOR will chime in.   At least you didn't ask where to catch walleye on the west end. 😊
    • Tominator692
      Went out Walleye fishing Saturday night and I caught this beauty. Measured 45 1/4" and estimated weight of close to 30#'s. Fought it for over 40 minutes. Caught on 6 pound line with a #4 hook. What an epic battle.
    • Fishguy20
      Going for some largemouth on pike lake near duluth tomorrow if I could get some advice that would be nice. Never fished it before 
    • Fishguy20
      So island was kind of a bust when I went a few weekends ago. It could be the fishermen or could be just bad fishing   
    • Mr Mayor
      I know all those areas well.  I'm a Parsippany~ish kid myself.  Traffic did suck when the commute was 40 one way- now just 5.5, all backroads. @Wanderer Hey for boat rentals a license isn't needed?  I have my NJ boat lisc, but doubt they'd honor it.... To ALL!  Thanks for all the replies and help here... sooo looking forward to the trip. I will  indeed look closer as the time draws nearer, and omg, I would love to be a boat buddy (we say boat b!tch), and consider this my "ask".. Thanks again fellas! Tight lines!   Mr Mayor
    • Skibo