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Just returned from my first "fix" on Catfish for the year, Outstanding! this is our sixth year going for the Kitties at this premier river system, it never ceases to amaze me, thats what I like about river systems is the constant change that goes on and the challange of figuring things out. This trip we were faced with high water, and a very fast flow, all curtains up! debris on the move, so keep your eyes open if you go. It took us awhile to figure some things out and once we did the cats cooperated, about a 100 of them between 2 boats, most of them "sumos" Suckers worked the best for us.Its always a learning experience for us here.
Saw Canuck and Rob, local guides just hammer the fish, these guys are good.
I can hardly wait till the next trip, this is catfishing at its finest! As usual accomodations at Stu"s "Cats on the Red" work for us just fine, Stu, didn't get a chance to shoot the breeze this time, next time!

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Shefland: Real sorry we didn't get to chat when U were up. PLEASE next time U are coming up let me know and hopefully we can BS on shore etc.

That goes for anybody else on this board that is coming up to Lockport. I would love to meet UALL in person.

Glad U got on to those kitties. It takes a little to scope out their haunts and as U say they are always changing with the weather and river flow etc. I really liked your partners boat.

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Hey Shef....sorry we never got the opportunity to " chew the fat", running a camp can be demanding at times. On your next trip we should plan a barbeque up on our new deck or if you know where to get your your hands on a mess of "gills" I'll be glad to share my favorite batter recipe.
Glad you enjoyed your trip! This old river and the catfish that call her home have been entertaining the masses for many generations. These days, the greatest pleasure I get is talking to those that truly appreciate this resource.....I never get tired of listening to those disrcibing their interpretation of their experiences and battles with Ol'whiskers!

See you next time!

Fish Hard!

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Stu, gills it will be, always looking for a panfish recipe, my tastebuds tell me sunfish are the best!

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    • Carp30
      Cliff, my family and I will be making a weekend trip next weekend to try for some walleye's for the first time at lake vermilion. Any tips as to what technique to use? I hope we are coming up at a decent time. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much we shall will report back.
    • Dan Foshay
      Anyone hear how fishing is on Rush lake for musky? Thanks
    • Bryan P
      Been awhile since I posted, busy summer but finally got the kayak back out on the Mississippi to chase after them fall smallies. The bite was really good and managed a new personal best at 21"! Bait of choice is my wacky worm, they never can resist! I'll be chasing these till ice is on the lakes. Best fishing is right around the corner, goodluck everyone!    Video:  https://youtu.be/PJOZITB0ol0      
    • Mike89
      I know Finn will,have fun for sure!!!👍
    • monstermoose78
      I got a lab stuck to me, because he saw the shotgun come out. Decoys check, gun check, 83 shells check, decoys check, head lamp check, Finn check, clothes set out check, ducks ?
    • monstermoose78
      Good luck duck hunters !! I will post how river rat and our group does.
    • Satchmo
      Was up last weekend to Kab, and fishing is very good right now. We caught a lot of walleyes (lots of smalls) on jig & minnow, and got in to a lot of Crappies as well. Have fun! The bite is on.
    • Fishouttawater
      Appreciate it barbel. Any info is good info this time of year. Head up in 4 days. I think all the fisherman are all haunting the woods instead of the water right now. Thanks again
    • ANYFISH2
      Love it!!   Great video and fishing partner.
    • History_Geek
      https://www.pca.state.mn.us/water/tmdl/sunrise-river-north-branch-fecal-coliform-tmdl-project It's the DNR, Just Look at this link, It Isn't as bad as it could be but still.