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I'm planning on a trip to the Red in North Dakota or MN (closer to canada border).
Catfish Haven is wanting to charge $40 a head/ night which is WAY too much for a fishing trip for a family of 6-8.

Is there another location or resort that is more reasonable and provides cabin style accomodations for 6-8 people?

Also... I've heard water levels are high and possibly at flood stage... is this true?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

[email protected]

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scotty B

If you can get a place for 40 bucks a head i would take it i have never heard of a place that cheap.

[This message has been edited by scotty B (edited 05-22-2004).]

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Yep that is a good rate. The water is a bit high but the cats are eating good.

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I dont think you guys are following me here:
$40 per person, per night, no matter what age.
There would only be 4 addults and 2 kids and 1 infant.

They are wanting $40 for the kids and infants also.

That's almost $300 per night.
Which is outrageous.

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Thats very high in my book. I just called the Holiday in Grand Forks and got a rate of 50 to 55 per night for a room for four. Now maybe its cheap because they don't have their pool working until Sept. But if you up for fishing who cares. From 40 per head and $320.00 toptal per night in a cabin to$50.00 per night for four. I would have no problem driving for that much savings. Just my thought. Good luck and let us know what you plan on doing and how your trip went.

River was high and is going down very nive. It is back in side its banks and is in fishing condition.

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    • VermilionGold
      Some pockets of slush on the east end. Only came upon one spot that covered a large area, most were small spots.  Walking on the lake was not to bad, snow is light and fluffy.  I didn’t see anything that would stop me, but not sure how far of a trek you have.
    • SkunkedAgain
      How is the snowpack and slush looking these days? I'm looking to walk into my place on the west end one of these weekends but don't want to make the trek in knee-deep powder or thigh-deep slush!
    • SkunkedAgain
      That would be a lot of work to get done in three months, assuming that they can even get a GC to line up all of the subs. October sounds more realistic. Looks like I'll have to find other ways to support the local businesses in town. I might have to send Mrs. SkunkedAgain and Miss SkunkedAgain to the girl store a few times with a wad of cash.
    • SkunkedAgain
      As soon as humanely possible. We have a seasonal cabin that we use year-round, an no road access. Therefore like PSU, we are bound by the ice-out to determine our first open water trip. If I had road access, it would likely be determined by other factors such as snow on the driveway, etc.   If you have plumbing pipes, that is another concern. We haul in our water so I don't have to worry about pipes bursting. About six years ago, I did hook up my lake pump at opener at left it filled with water. When I came back for Memorial Day, the iron housing had cracked due to water freezing.   My general advice is to not avoid the in-between times. They are often the best. Less people are around, you get to see the land and the lake change, when the ice goes out you get to see eagles and other scavengers pick up all the floating winter-kill fish, green starts popping up everywhere, etc. It's a fun time to be in the woods and around the lake. Canoeing through ice or boating through black ice is always a hoot as well!
    • Mike89
      the way things going for him that is most likely true!!!!  🤣😝
    • merc
      Smurfy has fish with his name on them. He must have put another order into Morries.     
    • smurfy
      I know!!😊 but I ain't got anyone to shovel.😞 and after tomorrow's snow I'm hearing grumbling of a huge magor storm for the weekend.
    • BobT
      Does the handle fit otherwise? If so, rather than wait for the OEM to send a screw, I would most likely have gone down to my local Fleet Farm or Menards and found a SS screw to fit. I wouldn't get my shorts too much in a bunch over it. 
    • eyeguy 54
      but are the northerns making flags go up? 
    • Hoey
      Brokie - Without knowing where you are located, I can not recommend a reel shop, is what I recommend doing.  A reel repair shop should be able to help you with your problem.  West side of the TC, Wayzata Bait and Tackle, for example.