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By total weight

1. Larry Barrow, Lincoln, Neb., and Michael Horken, East Grand Forks, 89 pounds, 10 fish, $4,000.

2. Marv Feltman, Grand Forks and Shane Feltman, Grand Forks, 73.81 pounds, 10 fish, $2,500.3. Mark Hartman, Belle Plaine, Minn. and Dean Opatz, Jordan, Minn., 72.16 pounds, 10 fish, $2,000.

4. Todd Skyberg, Bemidji and Jim Corbid, East Grand Forks, 71.02 pounds, 10 fish, $1,000.

5. Todd Benson, Grand Forks and Greg Sand, Andover, Minn., 70.38 pounds, 10 fish, $750.

6. Dave Clement, East Grand Forks and Casey Clement, East Grand Forks, 67.41 pounds, 10 fish, $650.

7. Larry Yowell, Kirksville, Mo. and Jimmy Yowell, Chillicothe, Mo., 64.98 pounds, 9 fish, $550. Kris Newman, Grand Forks and Brian Stennes, Grand Forks, 63.79 pounds, 9 fish, $500.

9. Lynn Dalen, Grand Forks and Don Oster, Grand Forks, 63.78 pounds, 7 fish, $450.

10. Gary Mounce, Nebraska City, Neb., and Bonnie Mounce, Nebraska City, Neb., 62.88 pounds, 9 fish, $400.

11. Phillip Jeffery, East Grand Forks and Jason Kalt, East Grand Forks, 60.93 pounds, 9 fish, $350.

12. Raymond Lee, Grand Forks and Eric Thompson, East Grand Forks, 60.51 pounds, 10 fish, $300.

13. James Benson, East Grand Forks and Brian Rud, Grand Forks, 59.63 pounds, 6 fish, $275.

14. David West, Warren, Minn., and Joshua West, Warren, Minn., 59.52 pounds, 8 fish, $250.

15. Darrell Carter, Jefferson, S.D. and Matthew Carter, Jefferson, S.D., 59.01 pounds, 10 fish, $200.

16. Darrell Utzinger, East Grand Forks and Jeff Twomey, St. Paul, 58.98 pounds, 8 fish, $200.

17. Scott Enright, East Grand Forks and Terry Hecht, East Grand Forks, 58.77 pounds, 8 fish, $200.

18. Greg Nordrum, Grand Forks and Jamie Lembke, Grand Forks, 58.61 pounds, 9 fish, $200.

19. Mike Clement, Grand Forks and Norm Block, Lincoln, Neb., 57.61 pounds, 10 fish, $200.

20. Michael Hedlund, East Grand Forks and Paul Hedlund, Maple Grove, Minn., 57.07 pounds, 10 fish, $200.

21. Brian Nelson, East Grand Forks and Jim Rood, Grand Forks, 55.52 pounds, 7 fish, $200.

22. Rob Horken, East Grand Forks and Greg Stennes, East Grand Forks, 55.51 pounds, 8 fish, $200.

23. Michael Bruggeman, Erskine, Minn., and Andrew Bruggeman, Erskine, Minn., 55.45 pounds, 8 fish, $200.

24. Tom Walters, Nebraska City, Neb., and Roger Rice, Nebraska City, Neb., 55.27 pounds, 7 fish, $200.

25. Merle Hoverson, East Grand Forks and Jeff Zak, East Grand Forks, 54.79 pounds, 10 fish, $200.

26. Jesse Weber, East Grand Forks and Troy Weber, East Grand Forks, 54.70 pounds, 10 fish, $150.

27. Bradley Nelson, Drayton, N.D. and David L Nelson, Moorhead, 54.34 pounds, 7 fish, $150.

28. Bethany Bolles, Grand Forks and John Gallagher, Grand Forks, 53.95 pounds, 10 fish, $150.

29. Jim Minion, Henning, Minn., and Scott Bultman, Fulda, Minn., 53.76 pounds, 10 fish, $125.30. Larry Dorsch, Auburn, Neb. and Tim Hager, Auburn, Neb., 53.70 pounds, 8 fish, $125.

31. Ken Cremers, Grand Forks and Greg Cremers, East Grand Forks, 53.58 pounds, 10 fish, $125.

32. Kolby Hollands, Grand Forks and Kent Hollands, Grand Forks, 53.17 pounds, 10 fish, $100.

33. Richard G Pratt, Lincoln, Neb. and Patrick Boley, Lincoln, Neb., 53.11 pounds, 7 fish, $100.

34. Perry Gagnon, Grand Forks and Alfred Gagnon, Grand Forks,53.09 pounds, 5 fish, $100.

35. Ole Nowatzki, Langdon, N.D. and Darrin Abernathey, Grand Forks, 52.89 pounds, 8 fish, $50.

'Big Bud' winners

• Heaviest Fish: 24.99 pounds, caught on Saturday by Lynn Dalen & Don Oster, both of Grand Forks, ND. They broke the tournament record of 23.02 pounds, set in 2001 by Jim Benson and Brian Rud. Dalen & Oster were awarded $1,000 cash, courtesy of Dakota Sales Company (Budweiser & Bud Light).

• 2nd Heaviest Fish: 20.28 pounds, caught on Sunday by Larry Barrow (Lincoln NE) and Michael Horken (East Grand Forks). They were awarded $500 cash, courtesy of Dakota Sales Company (Budweiser & Bud Light).

Ed "Backwater Eddy" Carlson

Backwater Guiding "ED on the RED"
[email protected]

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • monstermoose78
      The shallower lakes are froze over and the deep ones are getting close.
    • monstermoose78
      What?   I can’t find any of them anywhere!
    • eyeguy 54
    • eyeguy 54
    • monstermoose78
      The impulse mayflies are awesome as well!
    • monstermoose78
      I need to hit Linwood up as that is a lake I fished so much with my grandpa. Used to get lots of keeper gills and nice crappies and big pike out of there.
    • monstermoose78
      Lakes around Princeton are froze over or close. Lori lake had the most open water and lots of ducks. Silver lake capped over and stanchfield south and north mist froze over. 
    • ozzie
      I saw enough ice on smaller lakes in the Crosslake area to know they are getting closer and colder to icing over!
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the main basin... For those fishing the lake, fishing has been good.  Most bays and harbors locked up with ice this past week, which has put a halt to the open water fishing.  At last report, there are good numbers of walleyes and saugers staged in traditional early ice locations across Pine Island and the entire south shore.  With fish location, numbers and fall success, LOW is primed for good early ice fishing. On the Rainy River... The Rainy River is still loaded with walleyes.  Some anglers made it out this week but single digits locked up any water not moving and it is pretty much done.  Anglers that got out had big numbers of walleyes to reward them, similar to previous week.  Up at the NW Angle... Ice is formed in back bays, harbors, on the angle inlet, from Young's Bay to Flag Island and across most of Flag Island flats.  Larger stretches of water or current areas still open.  Ice fishing will be here soon, but not yet.  Stay on staked resort ice trails when ice fishing begins.  Safety first.  
    • monstermoose78
      I am a maki mino guy the 1 inch ones for gills and crappies. The xl mino is great for big crappies perch and eyes. I have used many of the maki plastics but I tend to have the best luck with white with red flakes mino. The poli was good as well.